Why is the dog nose so sensitive?

The reason for the sensitive nose of a dog

The nose of a dog has an exceptionally sensitive sense of smell, and it can smell and distinguish a variety of different smells. The reason is that the structure of the nose of a dog is much more complicated than that of an ordinary animal.

The puppy’s olfactory organ also has mucous membranes, but the structure of the dog’s nose is slightly different. On the tip surface of its nose, which is the tip of the nose, there is also a piece of hairless mucosal tissue. Here too, mucus is secreted to keep the olfactory cells in a better state. There are many protruding objects on it. This is also its main olfactory organ. So sometimes when you accidentally touch the puppy’s nose, it will feel wet and sticky. Sticky is caused by secreted mucus.

According to scientific identification, the total area of ​​human olfactory epithelium is about 10 square centimeters, while the total area of ​​dog’s olfactory epithelium is 170 square centimeters, and its cell density is 100 times that of humans.

This is why the dog’s nose is sensitive. Of course, there are many other sensitive animals in nature. Because dogs are loyal friends of mankind, people are accustomed to treating dog noses as a representative of a sensitive sense of smell.

Although a dog’s nose is sensitive, its olfactory sensitivity fluctuates. In order to try to maintain a sharp sense of smell, the dog’s nose is always wet. When it rains, the air is very humid, but when the weather becomes clear, the air humidity will decrease. Dogs will adjust their nasal cavity according to changes in air humidity.

In order to find the cause of olfactory fluctuations, scientists specifically used mice for experiments. They divided the mice into two groups: one group was well fed, and the other group was hungry for a while. Subsequently, in the drinking water of all rats, a small amount of substances with peculiar smell that would disturb the “interest” of drinking water were dissolved. They found that the fed rats drink far more water than the other group. From this, the scientists concluded that hunger can cause fluctuations in the sense of smell.

The function of the dog’s nose

The special feature of the dog’s nose is that it has a lot of olfactory cells (for example, there are 220 million on the nasal mucosa of a kind of shepherd dog, while the human olfactory cells are only about 500). There are also many protrusions and mucosal tissue on the bald and hairless part, which can often secrete mucus to moisturize the olfactory cells. When the dog is breathing in a balanced way, the external airflow will stimulate the olfactory cells through the surface of the tissues immersed in the mucus and transmit signals to the olfactory bulb part of the brain center.

The number and quality of dog’s olfactory cells are better than other animals, so the ability to distinguish various odors is much higher than other animals.

Causes of dry noses

Dry nose is often a sign of illness

1. It is precisely because the dog’s wet nose is licked with his tongue, so at some point, when the dog gets sick, it will not have the energy to do this simple action. Just like people are sick, we may not care if we wash our faces or brush our teeth because of physical discomfort. Dogs do not have this interest when they are sick. So once the dog does not lick his nose, it is probably because the dog is going to be sick.

2. Dry nose is the basic manifestation of dog disease. The most common reason may be getting angry. If the dog gets angry, it can be in the water

Add some minerals, or glucose, drink plenty of water.

3. If the dog’s nose is dry, accompanied by diarrhea, do not eat (but sane), and the thing pulled first is chocolate-colored, foul-smelling; then pulled to white, bloodshot, sticky. This is the most terrible parvovirus. Usually it will cause death. If you find it early, you can save it. Serum injection is generally used. Small dogs are not recommended for treatment. Only vaccinations are given every year to prevent epidemics.

If the accompanying high fever does not go away, and you become confused, walk backwards and bite. Mostly dog ​​plague. It is an infectious disease, and it is extremely likely to die. The results of the treatment will not be ideal and may cause brain damage. It is best to get a vaccine to prevent the epidemic. So once your dog’s nose is dry, take his temperature from the anus. If you have a fever, take some anti-inflammatory drugs. See if there is any response (activities, eating) the next day, if not, it is necessary to see a doctor, it is best to have a regular veterinarian.

4. Actually, there are many reasons for the dry nose of a dog, not only the conditions I mentioned, there must be other conditions, so when everyone thinks your dog’s nose is dry, you must not panic and think that the dog must have some serious illness , You can try to wet his nose with a little warm water. Then judge and diagnose according to the situation. Of course, a dog’s nose is easy to dry when he has a cold. Everyone knows that, at this time, just treat him for the cold.

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