Why do cats eat grass? what is the reason

Why cats eat grass

1. Plant fiber: This can help indigestible meat bones, etc.!

2. Vitamins: Many meats do not have plant vitamins, such as vitamin C or other minerals and lutein.

3. Spit the hair ball: lick the hair every day to clean up, the hair will be swallowed into the belly, and a small amount will be discharged or spit out by itself, but if the amount is larger, the pointed part of the cat can induce vomiting and vomiting easily.

4. Poor gastrointestinal function: such as inflammation, flatulence, pushing up rotten flesh…etc. Cat grass can induce vomiting or help expel food in the intestines and stomach, and relieve the uncomfortable symptoms.

5. Relieve stress: As long as it is life, there will be stress. Plants are the food that can relieve stress. Eating more fruits and vegetables when stress is high is good for the human body, and it is also good for cats.

Basically, what cats eat is grasses, which have long, narrow leaves and pointed tails. The color is clear and green, ranging from light green to dark green. The smell is green and grassy, ​​if the cat is put in the wild, the cat will distinguish it by itself. I know better about rice, wheat, oats, etc. And the cat is not so much to eat grass, as it is to eat grass juice; it is better to say that the cat is chewing messily and then spit out the grass.

Unlike cats, dogs eat long grass by swallowing them into their stomachs. Dogs eat grass when they are in bad health, parasites or infectious diseases. The dog eats grass into his belly to make his health better. Therefore, when unable to go for a walk, the dog will continue to swallow the cloth and string around him when his physical condition is not good. Therefore, the owner should pay attention when the dog is constantly eating grass. At this time, it is best to take the dog to the veterinarian.

Spit out the hairballs hoarded in the stomach: Green grass is good for the cat’s body. It contains certain vitamins and rich cellulose, which can be used as an effective vomiting agent, because the villi on the grass leaves can adhere to the cilia of the digestive tract. It has a vomiting effect and helps cats to spit out unwanted things such as hairballs, but the grass they eat must be non-toxic, and not every kind of grass can be eaten.

If you accidentally eat toxic foods or foods that cause gastrointestinal discomfort, you want to eat grass to achieve the effect of vomiting, and vomit the things that make you sick as soon as possible.

There may be parasites hidden in the stomach, and I want to use grass to change the pH value of the gastric juice. If the cat has too many parasites, carefully observe the vomiting, and you will find many parasites.

Obtain the necessary nutrient “folate”. According to the research results, it is found that cats eat grass to absorb the juice from the leaves and stems so that they can produce nutrients in the body. After further analysis, it is pointed out that what the cat really needs is the “folate” contained in the juice. , Once the cat consciously needs it, it will look for it to avoid want.

Plants that cats eat

1. Potted cat grass: Not all weeds contain folic acid. It can be found in slender grasses such as rice or alfalfa, such as wheat grass, oats, barley, etc. In addition, one is currently on the market. The grass nicknamed “cat’s salad” also contains folic acid.

2. Mutian Liao: Most cats will immediately show excitement whether they smell, lick or taste the taste of Mutian Liao, drooling and rolling on the ground, a bit similar to heat or arrogance State, the plant with some micro-medicinal curative effects can only be grown in cold regions and countries with higher latitudes, such as Japan and South Korea. The Japanese regard it as a health food and use it as a condiment in food. It promotes vitality, so if the cat smells the matt, it will be energetic and become more active. Other similar cat grasses such as camphor grass and houttuynia cordata have the same effect.

3. Catnip: Now on the market, a kind of catnip, called Magic Catnip, produced in North America, is very popular. Many cats like to eat catnip. This kind of mint plant contains catnip lactone. It makes about two-thirds of cats effective. Similar to cat grasses such as mata vulgaris, its powerful cat grass can also promote cat digestion and help cats eliminate hair from their bodies.

The value of cat grass

Cats like to clean themselves by licking, so there will be hairballs in their stomachs. This kind of plant cats are non-toxic and harmless and rich in fiber. They can stimulate the cat’s gastrointestinal motility and help the cat to spit out the hair balls that form in the stomach; help the cat to relax decompression easily; improve the oral environment, prevent and control oral diseases , Supplement the corresponding vitamins and trace elements to inhibit eosinophilic granuloma, oral ulcers, gingivitis, glossitis caused by various reasons. Plants such as wheat, oats and mung beans can be used as cat grass for cats to eat. There are special cat grass suits on the market, including utensils for cultivation, soil, necessary fertilizer and cat grass seeds. There is also a special “hair ball cream” in the market to replace cat grass.

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