Why don’t cats like bathing? Introduction to cat bathing method

Why cats don’t like bathing

In general, cats do not like water, but there are also animals that are not afraid of water, such as tigers, cheetahs and bobcats, all of which are very good at swimming. Cats like water than the most iconic fishing cat. Its water is good enough to catch fish in the water! But the ancestor of cats is African wildcats, living in the desert of Africa, so they are not familiar with water. .

There is a big temperature difference in the desert. If the body is too humid, the body temperature will decrease with the temperature of the night at night, so they do not have the habit of spontaneous watering. The reason why cats flee the water desperately may be because they still have this habit in their DNA.

In addition, the cat’s hair is very thin and dense. Compared with the dog’s hair, it contains less oil and cannot be waterproof. Once it gets wet, it will not dry easily. And cats like to clean up carefully by themselves, so even if they don’t take a bath, they’re very clean without a strong smell.

A bathing method suitable for cats

Like human babies, cats are also afraid of splashing water on their faces. In principle, not splashing a lot of water and not splashing water on your face are the most basic measures. If possible, two people help it wash together, one person presses the cat to focus it, and occasionally feeds liquid snacks.

1) Soak in hot water

First, fill the bucket with hot water that is about the body temperature and let the cat soak in it. If you use a shower, your head will get wet, so don’t use the shower. You don’t need to get wet on your face. When taking a bath in the bathroom, it’s best to close the door to prevent the cat from escaping.

2) take a bath

When taking a bath, be sure to use a cat-specific shampoo. Because the shampoo used by humans is too powerful, the cat’s hair will become very rough after use. There are also cats who hate others to touch its tail and limbs. The minion can use shampoo to foam from behind to clean its belly. If the cat is very resistant, you don’t have to clean the tail, hands and feet!

If it is to repel fleas, the fleas may move towards the head. At this time, the owner can use a special comb to repel fleas. If water runs into the ears or eyes, the cat may jump around due to fright, and the head can be wiped with a wet towel.

3) Use clean water to clean

After bathing, be sure to change a bucket of clean water and start washing from the back. Cats will definitely use their tongues to lick their fur, so be sure to clean the scouring liquid, and it is best to change the water frequently.

4) Dry fur

After bathing, wipe with a towel first. It is best to prepare more towels, because the cat’s hair is very fine and its ability to absorb moisture is beyond imagination.

Next, if you use a hair dryer, the drying speed will be faster. But some cats don’t like hair dryers and are afraid of its sound. If you use a hair dryer, you can’t blow in the same place all the time, otherwise you may get burned, so it is recommended that the feeder should cover it with his own hands and move to the position where it blows. Some cats will collapse because of the hair dryer, so if there is really no way, don’t use it reluctantly, just let it dry naturally in a warm room!

Choice of Dry Shampoo

There is another option, which is a dry shampoo for cats. There is no need to wash the whole body or get wet, so it is very convenient. It depends on the owner’s purpose of using scouring cream. If you just want to maintain the gloss of the fur, dry scouring cream is enough.

How to teach cats who don’t like bathing

1. Before bathing, pretend to cut off the cat’s nails as if nothing had happened. Just cut off the pointed parts. If you cut too much, it will hurt the cat’s fingers. In the future, the cat will absolutely hate and reject the nails, and even form a conditioned reflex. , I thought that there would be a bath in the follow-up, and the shadow in my heart increased, and I became more resistant to cutting my nails and bathing.

2. After cutting the nails, naturally take the cat into the enclosed bathroom (do not move too much, just like usual play, don’t go to the execution ground, or the cat should be vigilant and resist immediately), this time take out preparations in advance A small amount of canned cats Miao Xian Bao (eating a small amount, not too much, the effect is to make them feel at ease, there are delicious foods, do not eat too much, do not eat too much and take a bath immediately afterwards, it is not good for gastrointestinal digestion, often this will cause later If you eat too much and are too full, you will vomit. Cats are naturally gluttonous. They eat as much food as they eat. They can’t eat until they’re full, wishing to eat it all at once. If you don’t know how to control, you can stroke your head more while eating. Praise and praise, talk to the cat more.

3. When the cat is in a stable mood and is not panicking or resisting and not hiding, adjust the water temperature gently (the best gas-fired water heater for 24-hour automatic hot water in the community, and the water temperature of the electric water heater is adjusted in advance). The test water feels like warm and warm water, the water temperature is between 30 and 35 degrees (depending on the weather, the water temperature can be adjusted, too hot water, the cat will struggle, resist, and yell, meaning it will let you lower the water temperature and burn me to death After adjusting the water temperature, gently stroke and massage the cat’s back spine and his favorite neck and chin, talk to him, praise him for being obedient, brave, beautiful and handsome, and he loves to take a bath, after washing After becoming super handsome and super beautiful, there are a lot of good things. Adjust the water temperature while touching and soothing emotions, so that the cat feels safe and not afraid.

4. Then the water head is gently wet from the back near the tail (do not spray directly, or the cat will be irritated and frantic immediately. The shaggy head with strong water injection massage is the best, and the cat will enjoy it. Massage a level with your hand). When you get wet, gently touch it (don’t get your head wet, it’s ok to wipe your head normally. Be careful around your ears, don’t let water spray in, it will irritate you) The cat is irritated and frantic), the water head is close to the fur and slowly rises from the back of the tail, head direction to the neck, and then wet the chin (cats like to massage the water close to the wet chin, and people touch the chin with their hands One level of comfort), and finally wet the abdomen, belly, and limbs.

5. After getting wet all over, apply the cat’s body wash, take the palm of your hand and rub directly on the cat’s body (you can also mix water and body wash according to the ratio in advance), and then gently rub the whole body to a rich foam, gently on each part After rubbing and washing the body, use the small soft brush prepared in advance to clean the dirty feet, elbows and knees, and wash them one by one. Slowly lift them up and put them on the hands, and then use the small soft brush to gently Brush clean, after washing everything, start to gently flush the foam with a water head close to the fur.

6. After flushing the foam, use the conditioner and take the palm of your hand. The method is the same as that of the body wash. Gently rub the whole body. After all the conditioner is applied, use the prepared log cylindrical tooth comb to gently comb the method. It can take away the excess loose hair and let the conditioner infiltrate. After the infiltration, start to gently rub it with your hands. You can rub out a small amount of loose cat hair. Gently rub the conditioner all over the body for 5 minutes, and the water head is close. Rinse the hair well.

7. After rinsing the conditioner, gently squeeze the large amount of water from the body with both hands down and smoothly, then use the towel prepared in advance to gently press the large amount of water left on the limbs on the body again, and finally wrap it with a long bath towel. status.

8. After wrapping, put it in the round basin prepared in advance (cats like to sleep in the round basin shape because it feels like inside the mother’s stomach). Wrap the towel to allow it to absorb moisture, avoid rubbing back and forth. , Cause the cat’s hair to be rough and damage the cat’s hair, and can also restrain the cat to struggle.

9. Take out the cat, and take out a small amount of canned cats and wonderful fresh packages prepared in advance as a reward (using canned cats and wonderful fresh packages before and after, so that the cat will naturally form a conditioned reflex, and be more obedient before and after bathing. Reward for eating), while eating, use the wrapped towel to dry the area and gently press and dry it, and then use the hair dryer that has been plugged in beforehand, and blow it with hot air (so that the dried hair is distinct. , Is not easy to knot, especially for long-haired cats or cats with underlying plush), keep the hair dryer 10 to 15 cm away from the cat’s hair, and walk around to blow. Don’t always fix a position to blow for too long, too hot or burn the skin. Because the moist hair has been fixed and heated, the instant steaming and vaporizing heat will burn the skin, and the cat will definitely not cooperate and become frantic and irritable), so slowly and dry the whole body, stomach, underarms, and feet. You can let the cat lie on its side, massage the lower stomach, gently stroke the chin several times, and the cat will be blow-dried together.

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