Antimatter is cooled to close to absolute zero. What is the scientific significance of cooling antimatter?

Antimatter is a big mystery in the universe.

Scientists first proposed the antimatter theory in 1982, and only 4 years later, antimatter was formally discovered. Antimatter and positive matter have the physical characteristics of a mirror image, and are opposite to the charge carried by the positive matter, but the amount of charge is equal.

According to the law of conservation of the universe, the quantity of positive matter should be exactly equal to that of antimatter, but in fact, ordinary matter can be seen everywhere, but antimatter is very rare. This shows that the charge of the universe is not conserved, and it may be that humans have not yet found a very concentrated antimatter. area.

There is almost no antimatter in the universe, but humans can create antimatter:

In the universe currently observed by humans, there is almost no antimatter, but researchers can accelerate conventional matter particles to close to the speed of light on the earth, and use a particle collider to create antimatter particles in the laboratory.

Antimatter particles will release energy in the form of gamma rays and annihilate each other after contacting the corresponding positive matter particles. Therefore, the storage and research of antimatter is very difficult.

After the antimatter particles are generated through the high-speed collision of particles, the researchers use the super-strong magnetic field to manipulate and slow down the speed of the antimatter particles, and move the positive and antimatter particles to different magnetic fields to store and study antimatter.

With antimatter particles, antimatter particles can be used to create antimatter. At present, researchers have combined “antihydrogen” in the laboratory.

In order to better study the characteristics of antimatter, the “anti-hydrogen” in the laboratory is being cooled by laser. At present, the temperature of antimatter is only more than 20 degrees Celsius higher than absolute zero.

The temperature of matter is often the moving speed of the microscopic particles inside the matter. When the antimatter is super-cooled, the movement of the particles inside the antimatter will also be greatly reduced.

At ultra-low temperatures, the motion state of antimatter particles can be easily captured by researchers, so that the physical properties of antimatter can be accurately tested.

The research team is currently testing whether antimatter, like positive matter, has the same response to gravity. If antimatter violates the physical rules of positive matter, then the antimatter world may be a completely different “parallel world”.

Why can laser cool antimatter?

In the impression of most people, lasers often play a role in heating, which is indeed the norm.

When a laser is used to irradiate a substance, the photons of the laser will randomly hit the substance particles at the irradiated position, thereby accelerating the movement of the substance particles, thereby increasing the temperature of the substance.

But in the laboratory, researchers can accurately observe the movement of antimatter particles, and then appropriately adjust the impact position of the photon, and then the impact of the photon can be used to slow down the movement of the particle. This requires very precise manipulation, and as the temperature of antimatter gets lower and lower, it will be more difficult to further slow down the movement of particles.

Although humans have created antimatter particles, antimatter is very dangerous for human society.

The contact between positive and negative matter will release huge energy and completely disappear the matter in contact. At the beginning of the universe, the mysterious disappearance of anti-matter, there may be external intervention, which makes our universe suitable for the development of ordinary matter. Of the universe.

If humans use antimatter particles to create real antimatter, then these antimatter will become a potential danger. When the amount of antimatter cannot be controlled, the earth may be annihilated in huge energy!

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