Are the iron balls 2.8 billion years ago and the nuclear reactors 2 billion years ago relics of prehistoric civilization?

Some netizens suggested that there were many things that shouldn’t exist billions of years ago. Are these not the relics of prehistoric civilization? Now let’s discuss what “things that shouldn’t exist” billions of years ago, and whether they have anything to do with prehistoric civilization.

Let me first talk about the “things that shouldn’t exist”.

I put quotation marks on “should not exist” here, because friends who feel that this kind of doubts do not think that they should not exist, but the reason for existence is that they are unusual, mainly because they think that these things do not exist naturally, and they must be quoted. The topic of “prehistoric civilization” is the original intention of the problem.

So what are the phenomena that “should not exist naturally” for billions of years, and it is likely that prehistoric civilization “should exist”? I think it probably refers to two events that have been circulating intermittently for decades: a metal ball 2.8 billion years ago and a nuclear reactor 2 billion years ago.

There were metal spheres 2.8 billion years ago, and nuclear reactors 2 billion years ago. What does this show? The history of the evolution of the earth, the history of biological evolution, archaeology, and genetics all believe that the earth was formed about 4.6 billion years ago, at the beginning it was a hot lava state, there was no water, no atmosphere, let alone life, until about 4 billion years ago. The simplest primitive life was born only when water and atmosphere were formed. The evolution from single cell to multi-cell took hundreds of millions of years, and then went through billions of years of dormant gestation, all of which are still invisible microorganisms. The earth Except for wind, rain, thunder and lightning, everything is still silent, a figurative grass and ant-sized creatures do not exist, and there is no hustle and bustle of life.

It wasn’t until the Cambrian period 550 million years ago that visible plants and animals burst out suddenly, from the earliest mollusks without bones to later vertebrates, from aquatic animals, to amphibians, to terrestrial animals, and then From oviparous animals to mammals, then to primates, humans eventually mutated and evolved. This hustle and bustle has only been more than 5 years.

The earliest mammals appeared 160 million years ago, and the real outbreak of mammals was after the extinction of the dinosaurs, that is, 65 million years later, when humans and animals truly parted ways, only 8 million years ago. Therefore, according to modern science, let alone 2 billion years ago, it was 100 million years ago, primates, that is, monkeys, orangutans, and ancient apes have not yet appeared, let alone human civilization.

So how did these “high-tech” billions of years ago come from? Let’s talk from far to near.

Let me talk about the metal balls 2.8 billion years ago.

These metal balls were discovered by a group of South African miners. There are hundreds of them. Each is about 1 inch in diameter. There are solid balls with blue metal entrained with white spots, and there are also hollow balls with soft white material inside. They have been identified by scientists. , These balls exist in the pyrophyllite mine that has been 2.8 billion years old. What is even more peculiar is that some balls are engraved with a circle of grooves around the “equator”, some have one, some two, and many have 3 or 4.

People’s curiosity and mystery about the metal balls of South Africa, in addition to the spherical shape, comes more from their neat lines around the “equator”. It is hard to believe that this is carved by nature. As a result, civilization existed 2.8 billion years ago, and the argument that there have been many prehistoric civilizations on the earth seems to have found evidence.

Of course, scientists will not be fooled by this kind of random speculation. They arrived at the scene to conduct serious investigation and research, and after careful identification and analysis, they came to the truth. It turns out that these metal balls came from a leaf wax mine near Otosdal, South Africa. This mine was generated from volcanic ash or clay deposited in prehistoric times. These deposits were subjected to certain pressure and temperature during the burial process, and through geological “metamorphism” , It slowly becomes pyrophyllite. In this pyrophyllite mine, pyrite is mixed.

This metal ball is actually pyrite nodules. In this phyllophyllite, there are two kinds of nodules, one is pyrite nodules, the other is pyrite nodules that are buried deep in the strata and are not mixed with pyrophyllite; the other is goethite Nodules (FeO(OH)), which are formed by chemical reaction of pyrite (FeS2) mixed with pyrophyllite (Al2Si4O10(OH)2) after encountering pyrophyllite (Al2Si4O10(OH)2). In fact, it is said that it was 2.8 billion years ago. Only the volcanic ash and clay that form the mine are of that era. Pyrophyllite and pyrite stones are much later, and goethite nodules are even later.

Pyrite nodules are a common phenomenon in pyrite, and they are also formed by slowly metamorphosing under underground temperature and pressure. Therefore, pyrite stones do not only appear in the leaf wax mine in South Africa, but in pyrite ore all over the world. For example, there are many such nodules in the areas of Dongchuan, Huize, and Yiliang in Yunnan Province. People there call this type of pyrite nodules “stone gall” and are sought after by collectors. The price has soared, from several thousand yuan. It’s hundreds of thousands of yuan.

The “stone gall” here is much richer than those in South Africa. They are colorful and have different shapes. In addition to most oval shapes, there are tripod pot shapes, incense burner shapes, earthenware pot shapes, kettle shapes, terracotta shapes, clay pot shapes, gourd shapes, etc. The colors are dark, dark gray, bronze, powder white, etc., and There are different sizes, but the big ones are several tons.

Although the truth is clear, some people still want to explode some legendary stories from it, especially for the lines of the sphere “equator”: How can natural phenomena carve such exquisite lines?

In fact, these exquisite lines are really not formed naturally, but artificially carved. However, these carved people are not prehistoric people billions of years ago, but modern people. To put it bluntly, it is artificial fraud, some are for grandstanding, some are for deceiving money and sex, and some are purely playful or deliberate. If you can fool some people who have a complex of exploring secrets, you will feel full of accomplishment.

If we take a closer look at these pictures, we can see the clues: those that seem to be relatively primitive, the groove lines are relatively fuzzy, not smooth and flat, much like the result of natural carving; and those that are deliberately displayed are smooth and flat. Scientists have said that if it was really artificially carved, it would not have undergone hundreds of millions of years of pressure and temperature erosion and deterioration, and it would have been smoothed or disappeared long ago.

Okay, now we know that these metal balls are completely formed naturally, and have nothing to do with prehistoric civilization. If there are people who insist on leaning on it, it is impossible. Everyone has their own way of living. People just like to live by these mysteries to make it more enjoyable. No one can control it. Just like those pyrite stones, different poses can sell for a good price, and the world is also made up of people of different poses.

Now let’s talk about nuclear reactors that were 2 billion years ago.

Nuclear reactors are only a matter of recent decades for mankind. The first atomic bomb exploded in Hiroshima, Japan in 1945, ushering in the era of nuclear energy. Although this opening method was shocking, it was a pity that it was proved by the dead. Later, people built nuclear reactors and nuclear power plants, and nuclear energy began to benefit mankind.

The so-called nuclear reactor currently mainly refers to a device that can maintain a controllable self-sustained chain nuclear fission reaction to realize the utilization of nuclear energy. The basic principle is that by rationally arranging nuclear fuel, it can maintain the self-sustaining chain nuclear fission process without supplementing the neutron source, thereby generating energy for the benefit of mankind.

But what I want to say today is that there were nuclear reactors 2 billion years ago. Is this credible?

The cause of the incident was that in the 1970s, France began to vigorously develop the nuclear industry and purchased a large amount of uranium from Gabon, Africa.

Uranium is the heaviest element that can be found in nature. Its symbol is U and its atomic number is 92. In nature, uranium has three isotopes, namely U234, U235, and U238, all of which are radioactive. But these uranium elements, only U235 can be used for controllable nuclear fusion. It is the only fuel for nuclear reactions and the main raw material for nuclear weapons.

The content of U235 in natural uranium ore is only 0.711%. After obtaining natural uranium ore, people must find ways to separate the uranium 235 inside and continuously improve its purity before it can be used in nuclear reactors or weapons. U235 with a concentration of 3% is low-enriched uranium and can be used as fuel for nuclear power plants; U235 with a concentration of more than 80% is called highly-enriched uranium; but as a weapon-grade U235, the concentration needs to be more than 90%, and this uranium can be used for nuclear bombs. Up.

Therefore, it is easy to make a nuclear bomb, but difficult to purify high-enriched uranium for weapons. To obtain 1 kilogram of weapon-grade U235 at the current enrichment level, more than 200 tons of uranium ore are needed to be enriched. The Iranian uranium enrichment reports we often see, how many centrifuges have been added, etc., are purifying U235. This is what the so-called Iranian nuclear issue is talking about.

Okay, let’s get back to the subject. France has discovered a huge problem in the uranium ore imported from Africa. The U235 content in these ore does not reach 0.711% at all, and the difference is far away. Some are only 0.3%, which is different from the normal content. That’s nearly 60%! What is going on here? Could these ores have been refined once?

French scientists decided to clarify this problem. They organized a team of experts to investigate the Oklo mine in Gabon. The results of the preliminary investigation shocked the world: it turns out that these uranium ore has been burned a long time ago, that is to say, it has already been used! And these ores were generated 2 billion years ago, which means that these ores were passively used 2 billion years ago! From this it was suggested that a highly intelligent civilization existed 2 billion years ago!

This discovery shocked the scientific community all over the world. In order to thoroughly clarify the truth, European and American scientists have sent out to the Oklo mine area to investigate and study every detail. The investigation found that there were six nuclear reactors formed in ancient times. The total amount of uranium ore is about 500 tons. They started operating 2 billion years ago and have been in continuous operation for 500,000 years, but the output power is not large, only 100 kilowatts. Around, it is equivalent to the power of a 1.6L displacement car.

Although the power is not large, scientists have been confused for a long time in the face of this nuclear reactor 2 billion years ago. You must know that this is a scientifically designed, reasonably structured, and well-preserved reactor, and the reaction process for hundreds of thousands of years is orderly without any instability. We must know that for nuclear reactors, modern humans need to use heavy water and other neutron moderators to control the reaction speed, and strictly prepare the ratio to make the chain reaction continue to proceed smoothly. Otherwise, it will either extinguish the fire or explode if the reaction is too fast. These ancient times Nothing seems to happen to the reactor.

What forces make these reactors run smoothly? Could it be that there were civilizations that existed 2 billion years ago, and they designed this huge reactor system? If this is the case, then the entire history of the earth will have to be rewritten, and human cognition and even future development will undergo earth-shaking changes!

But further investigation, analysis and research, scientists are gradually more inclined to this magical phenomenon is a natural chain reaction. In fact, as early as 1956, the Japanese nuclear scientist Kazuo Kuroda of the University of Arkansas in the United States proposed that natural nuclear reactors can form a chain reaction as long as certain conditions are met. Scientists investigating the Oklo mine area found that dozens of the dozens of uranium deposits here meet these conditions. As a result, George Verselil of the University of California and Mark England of the University of Chicago pointed out at the time that this 2 billion-year-old uranium ore may be a natural chain reaction.

To form a chain reaction, there must be a high concentration of U235, this low concentration of U235 cannot start a nuclear reaction. The explanation given by the scientists is that the half-life of uranium is 700 million years. According to the current U235 concentration of 0.711%, the concentration of U235 will be twice as high as it is 700 million years ago, and it will be pushed up to 2 billion years ago. The concentration is sufficient to reach more than 3%, which is higher than the concentration of nuclear fuel used in nuclear power plants. As long as the arrangement and configuration are appropriate, the chain reaction can be started conditionally. This is the secret of nuclear reactors in the Orok uranium mine area.

However, many people still had doubts about this statement at that time, and it took more than two decades of debate and research for scientists to finally confirm this statement. The conclusion is: U235, which contains very low uranium ore, is actually the slag after chain reaction. And these reactors do not continue to have chain reactions for hundreds of thousands of years, but once in thousands of years, which repeats like a geyser. When the temperature of the nuclear reactor is too high and the groundwater evaporates, the speed of the chain reaction slows down, the reaction becomes weak or even extinguishes; in the long years, the groundwater re-accumulates to allow slow neutrons to compete, and the chain reaction gradually accelerates and the temperature rises. This led to the re-ignition of the reactor.

Of course, some people still have doubts about this explanation. For example, natural groundwater is not heavy water. How can the rate of nuclear fusion be controlled? The scientist’s explanation is that the fission process of the Oklo reactor is not continuous, but periodic. After every 30 minutes, there is a two-and-a-half hour interval after fission. Nuclear fission follows the reaction-heating-water evaporation-reaction cessation-cooling. Moisture is replenished-the nuclear reaction begins again in such a cycle, in which mineral water acts as an important regulator.

This conclusion was obtained after scientists measured the xenon content in the rocks in the Oklo area. Xenon, as a product of nuclear fission, is generally emitted into the air, but if the reactors are periodically cooled, the xenon will be stored in the rock particles. The content of xenon in the rock particles in the Oclo area proves that these reactors are indeed It runs periodically.

The mystery of this reactor more than 2 billion years ago has been solved. The truth has nothing to do with any prehistoric civilization. This is also in line with the evolution of the earth and the history of biological evolution. There is no doubt about this in the scientific community, but some unsolved mysteries among the folks always want to get an ideal conclusion in their minds. They still have this kind of idea, and they will put this kind of leftovers over a period of time. It’s nothing more than to deceive some newcomers. I’m waiting for the popular science writers to come and explain it again and again. This is the world.

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