Causes of cat listlessness

Causes of cat listlessness

1. There are hair balls on the belly

Cats like to lick and groom themselves, dead hair will also be licked into the stomach, for a long time, the hair accumulates in the cat’s intestines and stomach to form hair balls, which is what we call hair bulb disease. The cat has no appetite, lack of energy, vomiting, constipation, etc. because of the lack of hair balls in the stomach, parents must take timely treatment at this time.

Parents can give cats a cat’s hair cream to help the cat smoothly expel the hair bulbs, regulate and improve the cat’s gastrointestinal environment. Because licking hair is a habit of cats all the time, if the parents do not do a good job of protection, the cat will still have hair bulb disease. Therefore, it is recommended that parents give the cat regularly to take the cat’s Maoxiang hair cream to inhibit the development and formation of hair bulb.

2. Food cannot be digested

Many parents are more spoiling cats and are afraid that they will not be full, so they often overfeed or improperly feed the cats, causing the cats to be unable to digest these foods, causing the cats to lose appetite, lack of energy, retching, bloating and other symptoms.

Cats with indigestion can eat the gastrointestinal motility, which uses the golden ratio of four digestive enzymes and probiotics to assist the four main vitamins to promote the cat’s gastrointestinal digestion and improve the cat’s flatulence and retching caused by indigestion. symptom. At the same time, parents should develop regular and quantitative dietary habits for their cats. Overeating can easily cause cats to suffer from gastrointestinal diseases.

3. Other factors

The hot weather in summer makes it easy for cats to lose their appetite and not eat. At this time, parents should give the cat a cool environment and provide clean and sufficient water. In addition, parents should also pay attention to controlling the temperature when turning on the air conditioner at home. Excessive temperature changes can also make cats catch a cold.

I was left out in the cold for a long time, without friends or the company of my master. When the pet cat stays indoors alone for a long time, unable to communicate with the outside society, and cannot get the care and love of the owner. Cats may suffer from “depression”, so they become silent and depressed, do not like to move, do not like to touch other things, and of course the overall mental state will become depressed.

To alleviate this situation, parents should spare some time to interact with cats no matter how busy they are. Occasionally take the kitten to the outdoor activities, contact some new things and friends, so that the cat can relax and become more cheerful. Let it slowly return to normal.

When cats are troubled by diseases, they also become listless and devoid of energy. There are many diseases that harm cats daily, such as common colds, oral diseases, skin diseases, calcium deficiency (malnutrition), tinea, gastroenteritis and so on. Once a cat gets sick, its spirit is bound to be affected. Sluggish, dull, like lying in the kennel, dislike exercise, these are the main symptoms of the disease.

Prevention and treatment of common cat diseases

1. Ear mites


The brown-black dirt can be seen in the cat’s ears, some are oily, and some are dry and flakes. Cats often scratch their ears with their hind legs to relieve itching. Observation under a microscope can clearly see ear mites. If a mother cat has ear mites, then her baby will definitely have them at birth. Ear mites are transmitted quickly. Kittens are more likely to suffer from ear mites than adult cats because of their weak resistance.


The easiest and most effective way is to use human anti-inflammatory ear drops. Use a cotton swab dipped in ear drops to carefully wipe the external ear canal for the cat to clean up the dirt inside. If the ear mites are serious, clean it up every two or three days. Insist on for about a month will generally be effective. You can also use special ear drops, but you must buy high-purity ear oils (have a certain consistency like a bath lotion) instead of water-mixed ones. There are still many imported ear cleaning products, and the effect is good.

Fleas can use a medicine called “Fulaien”. The drops for a cat are 50-60 yuan each, and it will be good after one tap. There is no need to bathe every day. Bathing has no permanent cure for fleas. It is also not recommended to use flea baths because of its weak toxicity

Also don’t forget to take insect repellent. If you have fleas, you must drive off

Two cat diarrhea

First of all, fluoperic acid and berberine can not be used to treat cats with diarrhea!!! Because some medicines can be taken by people, but they have toxic side effects for cats. These two medicines are like this! Remember! Remember!

For cats with diarrhea, we must first find out the reasons for their diarrhea. There are many reasons for cats with diarrhea. Only when the right medicine is prescribed can a good treatment effect:

1. Indigestion

This is the most common cause of diarrhea, especially in kittens under six months old. Simple indigestion is also called loose stools.

a: Change food

The intestines and stomachs of kittens are delicate, because the digestive system is delicate and lacks a lot of digestive enzymes. Eating canned food or simple meat when the kitten is less than three months old can easily cause indigestion. Poor digestion will cause diarrhea. If you don’t care about it, it will become more diarrhea and cause dehydration, which is very dangerous. Therefore, cat parents, please be sure to treat this condition of kittens carefully, and if you are sure that you have not contracted any disease (home environment and food can be guaranteed sanitation, and kittens have been immunized), yes, stop feeding canned food and For foods that are difficult to digest, such as meat, feed two tablets of lactase at a time, two or three times a day, so that one day will take effect.

In addition, in this case, you can also try “Mummy’s Love” (multivitamin lactobacillus powder, available in pharmacies, for babies.), use a small tube at a time, mix the powder in the cat food or dissolve it directly Feed it twice a day, the effect is the same as using lactase.

If necessary, control your diet. You can be hungry for about 1 day first, and do not overfeed every meal in the future, so that her stomach can be adjusted first to treat this kind of diarrhea. Don’t be nervous, focus on adjustment:)

b: catch cold

In autumn and winter, many cats are prone to diarrhea. Generally speaking, as long as the cat’s spirit and appetite are the same as usual, it can be considered that the weather changes suddenly and the cold causes diarrhea. The cat should be properly kept warm and his digestion adjusted.

2. Enteritis

The symptoms are that in addition to diarrhea, the cat’s mental state is not very good, and the body temperature is increased. In this case, the cat’s symptoms are very similar to cat infectious enteritis (cat plague). After confirming that the cat has been immunized, the following methods can be used for treatment, otherwise, please go to the hospital for diagnosis as soon as possible.

Gentamicin injections can be taken orally. It is common in pharmacies to pack 80,000 units of two milliliters, and drink 20,000 units each time, twice a day. It should be noted that after half an hour of taking Qingda, cats need to be fed some digestive aids with live fungi, such as lactenzymes, mom’s love, etc., to help cats recover their digestive ability.

You can also go to the drugstore to buy “Smecta” for cats to stop diarrhea. The difference from Qingda is that it uses physical methods to bring bacteria out of the body.

3. Parasites

If you need to take medicine to fight the insects, it is best to go to the hospital for a stool check, and then take the medicine specifically.

In addition, because of diarrhea caused by parasites, bloodshot eyes may be seen in the BB. Conversely, if you see such BB, it is best to confirm it by laboratory tests. It is recommended to deworm once every three months to completely eliminate this phenomenon!

The most important thing for cats with diarrhea is to observe his mental state and appetite. If there is no difference in normal times, he can adjust his stomach. If there is fever and poor mental performance, it should be inflammation. Please refer to the above about enteritis. Or go to the hospital for examination and treatment.

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