Do you believe that the fetus will cry too?

There is a folk saying: everyone comes to this world crying, but smiles when they leave. We have always thought that the cry of a baby when he fell to the ground was his first utterance in the world. If someone tells you, in fact, many fetuses have already cried before they leave the mother’s body, and some people have even heard the fetus crying in the mother’s womb. Wouldn’t it be incredible? Let’s look at a few examples below.

According to “The Human Body Quest”, on September 21, 1978, in the Laiyang County Central Hospital, Shandong Province, a clear fetal cry was heard from the abdomen of an expectant mother who had passed her due date. In addition to the expectant mother, the medical staff nearby heard the cry of the fetus in the mother’s stomach. And whenever the mother leaned to the left side, the cry of the fetus became clearer. But when the child was born the next day, he stopped crying because of excessive suffocation, and left the world 16 hours after birth.

On April 14, 1983, there was a mother-to-be named Zhu Zhengfang in Dafeng Township, Qidong City, Jiangsu Province. She heard two babies crying from her stomach. The strange thing is that only the side of her right ear can hear clearly, and she can distinguish the two voices as strong and weak. Later, when the husband and mother-in-law approached her right ear, they also heard the cry of the fetus. When she was waiting for delivery in the hospital, another seven medical staff heard the cry of the fetus. Until April 18, Zhu Zhengfang gave birth to two healthy twin boys through caesarean section.

There are still many records of things like this, so the problem is here: we all know that when the fetus grows in the mother’s womb, it mainly depends on the placenta and umbilical cord in the mother’s body to obtain the oxygen and nutrients it needs. . At this time, the fetus’s nutritional and respiratory organ is the placenta, and it cannot directly exchange gas with the outside world. How can it happen that the fetus is crying in the mother’s body?

This surprising phenomenon was not until later when the 4D ultrasound imaging system was used to examine the fetus, the expert did not give a clinical confirmation explanation. When they first used the 4D ultrasound imaging system, they found that the baby would cry loudly in the weeks before birth. Research experts believe that this situation generally occurs in the late pregnancy or the period before delivery. Many children have already cried before they leave their mothers, but some fetuses cry weakly, and they are in the mother’s abdomen. This kind of slight whining is very difficult to detect. Only those fetuses who cry loudly can be found by their mothers or others. Some crying sounds can be heard in the mother’s abdomen, and some can be heard near the mother’s ears.

As for the cause of the fetus crying in the mother’s body, experts say there are many reasons, mainly because the fetus feels uncomfortable in the mother’s womb. When this happens, there are three possibilities: First, it may be the fetus at this time. The membrane has been destroyed; second, it may be that the fetus has been stimulated by hypoxia or other factors; third, it may be that at this time, air from the outside has entered the mother’s uterine cavity. If air really enters the mother’s uterine cavity, it means that the fetal membranes have been broken. This situation may cause the fetus to suffocate. Therefore, to some extent, the fetus crying in the mother’s body may be a harbinger of a certain danger, and the expectant mother who hears the fetus cry must go to the hospital as soon as possible to avoid accidents.

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