Why do male cats always bark at night?

The reason why male cats always bark at night

1. Heat season

In spring, we always hear stray cats crying like children. During this period of time, cats will enter a series of breeding processes such as estrus and mating at the same time. This physiological phenomenon of cats is even more affected in many areas. , Regarded as a symbol of spring. So the question is, if the cat is in estrus, the cat will be in estrus. Why is it so miserable?

In fact, the estrus period is a sad physiological process for female cats. Due to the changes in hormones in the body, cats must be relieved by mating and gestation. Then mating must first have a male cat. The female cat’s call is to attract the male cat. Cats are nocturnal animals. This characteristic is obvious in stray cats, so female cats will call their other half in the middle of the night, which produces the phenomenon of cats shouting collectively in the middle of the night.

Not only does this happen to stray cats, but domestic cats also have the phenomenon of “wheezing” in the middle of the night. Many owners think that the cat is bad and will punish the cat. In fact, this is a manifestation of the pet cat’s estrus, and the owner can be sterilized. Solve this problem.

Second, cat habits

If the cat does not form a good habit and still maintains the night walking habit, it will whisper in the middle of the night. Many people once thought that cats are not suitable for humans, because cats are animals that rest during the day and are active at night. This habit violates human habits and therefore has a certain impact on human life. Now, many pet cats He has changed some of his habits. As long as the owner carefully trains, the cat can match his time.

Some cats bark in the middle of the night. If the estrus factor is ruled out, then the cat may be hungry or want to find someone to play with. At this time, remind the owner not to give the cat food in the middle of the night, because it will make him eat it at night. The habit of things, imagine the picture of cats waking you up for snacks every night, do you feel helpless? Therefore, it is recommended that the owner feed the cat before going to bed. It is best to be fed with some pets and probiotics, because it can Help the cat to promote digestion, and try to play with the cat for a while, let the cat get tired of playing, and then start to rest.

How to deal with male cats barking at night

The cat calls in the middle of the night, possibly because it is in heat. This is the normal physiological reaction of normal cats. When in heat, the cat’s personality will become restless. In order to attract the opposite sex, they will bark and urinate everywhere. In this case, the host’s anger and scolding are useless. And the owner shouldn’t treat the cat like that.

To change this situation, the pet cat can be sterilized after it is in normal heat (of course, the owner must consider whether it is really necessary for sterilization). In the face of cats crying in heat, parents should better comfort them, and the hospital treats pet cats with tolerance and forgiveness. When the cat has passed the estrus period, it won’t keep calling in the middle of the night.

The cat barking in the middle of the night may also be because it has developed bad habits since childhood. Or sleeping too much during the day, resulting in a lot of energy at night. In addition, cats are originally nocturnal creatures, they will rest intently during the day, and they will start to move at night, jumping and calling are inevitable.

To avoid these situations, the owner should pay attention to guiding and cultivating cats to develop good living habits when they are young. During the day, the owner can also interact with the cat more, play games, give the cat some toys to play, help the cat consume its energy, so that it can sleep quietly at night, instead of always calling.

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