Why do wolves howl in the middle of the night?

Why wolves howl in the middle of the night

Various animals in the world have their own habits. A wolf is a predominantly carnivorous animal. It hunts rabbits, pheasants, voles, deer, lambs, etc. It eats carrion and carcasses and even kills each other. The wolves sometimes hurt people. A wolf eats a lot, and can eat dozens of catties of meat at a time. The wolf is also very hungry. A full meal can be eaten for several months without losing its ferocity. Wolves are accustomed to going out at night. Every evening, hungry wolves often come out in groups for food. While walking, he let out a low howl. Animal calls are communication signals that are connected to each other.

Different calls are made in different situations. Calls are also closely related to reproduction habits. The wolves howl at night, the purpose is to howl each other and gather together, such as female wolves often call out to call the coyotes, male wolves call female wolves, gather in groups and go out hunting. During the breeding period, wolves often howl to find a mate. Young wolves make a shrill cry when they are hungry. The wolf seriously harms poultry, livestock and various wild animals, so it is a pest. It should be hunted to a limited extent.

Is the wolf howling at the moon because of loneliness? On a clear and starry night, people often hear howling a wolf several kilometers away. Sometimes the whole pack of wolves howl together, sometimes a wolf howls alone. When the bright moon was in the sky, on a desolate hillside, a wolf snarled with its head up. This situation seemed to make people think that it was howling at the moon because of isolation. This is of course only a romantic imagination of mankind. The howling of wolves in the night is entirely out of practical need-not to call partners, exchange information, or to drive strange wolves away from their territory. In mountain villages or pastoral areas, when the night is dead, one often hears the howling of wolves.

Especially in pastoral areas, shepherds are more vigilant, afraid that cruel and greedy wolves will harm their flock. Why do wolves love howling at night? Howling wolves at night is by howling each other to gather together. For example, the female wolves often call out to call the coyotes, and the male wolves call the female wolves to gather in groups before going out for food. During the breeding period, wolves often howl to find a mate. During the infant period, the she-wolf will make a cry. Young wolves make a shrill cry when they are hungry.

Does a wolf howling at night scare other small animals away? Of course, if a small animal hears a wolf’s call, it will avoid it immediately. But generally when a wolf finds an object it can hunt, it concentrates on it, and its eyes flash with greed and ferocious light, and attack the animal at the lightest and fastest speed. In this way, it is often difficult for the animal to hunt down the wolf. Escaped.

Life habits of wolves

Gray wolves were once all over North America, but North America can only see them in the tundra and forests of Alaska, Minnesota and British Columbia, Great Plains and other places.

The Mongolian grasslands in China used to be inhabited by large tracts of prairie wolves in the early years, but because of the “suppression of wolves” many years ago, most of them have now moved to Outer Mongolia.

Wolves mainly prey on medium and large mammals. Studies have shown that wolves play a key role in controlling the local ecological balance and their natural enemies are mainly humans.

The living environment of wolves is not optimistic. Because of people’s deep-rooted prejudice against wolves, the life of wolves has been very difficult, hiding in Tibet, they are still inevitably hunted and hunted. In our country, there were wild wolves in any province before 1940. By the 21st century, except for a few provinces and autonomous regions in the Northeast, Northwest and North China, there were no wolves in other regions. Experts estimate that the total number of wild wolves in our country is only a few thousand. If this continues, we can only see wolves in the zoo. Wolves are extremely social species.

At the same time, the wolves also have an extremely strict hierarchy. The number of wolves in a pack of wolves is normally around 7, the so-called seven wolves, and some wolves have reached more than 30. Usually family wolves are led by a pair of dominant pairs, while those with brothers and sisters are the strongest. A wolf is the leader. Wolves have a territorial nature and are usually within their range of activity. If the number of individuals in the group increases, the scope of the area will shrink.

The areas of wolves do not overlap, and they will announce their ranges to other groups with a howling sound. After the young wolves grow up, they will stay in the group to take care of their younger siblings, or they may inherit the dominant position in the group, and some will migrate out (mostly male wolves). The wolf pack is dominated by family members, and the number of members is between 2 and 37. Because of the extremely strict hierarchy and domain range, it is impossible for the wolf pack to cooperate with other wolves, nor will it appear in the novel. A pack of wolves consisting of a hundred wolves.

Wild wolves can generally live for 12-16 years, and some wolves raised in captivity can live for about 20 years. The running speed is extremely fast, up to about 55 kilometers. The endurance of wolves is also very good, they have the ability to run 20 kilometers at a speed of 60 km / h. IQ is highly developed and can communicate through smells, calls, and body movements. The wolf is a carnivorous animal that mainly eats meat, and it is a critical section of the biological chain. However, although wolves feed mainly on meat, sometimes wolves will eat some small berries to relieve their greed.

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