Why do pet cats always shed hair?

Pet cats are always the cause of hair loss

1. Malnutrition

Pet cats with good nutrition should have smooth and shiny hair. Generally speaking, pet cats with weak gastrointestinal function, long hair, and simple food are prone to malnutrition and hair loss. Different nutritional elements can be supplemented according to the situation to ensure a balanced nutrition.

2. Weather changes

When the weather changes, the hormones of the pet cat will change. There is no way to stop this kind of hair loss, except accept it! As long as you are diligent in grooming, carefully cleaning when grooming, and carefully rubbing during bathing, you can lose normal hair loss. The cat’s fur is roughly cleaned up so that no room is full of pet cat fur.

3. Excessive salt intake

Inadequate diet and excessive intake of salt will burden the cat’s kidneys and cause cat’s hair to dry. Don’t feed your pet cat with human food, let alone feed your cat with meat because of its pitiful expression. Families that do not have the conditions to feed pet cat food should not add salt and other condiments when making cat meal to ensure a healthy cat diet.

4. Suffering from mites or skin diseases

Cats have skin diseases such as mites, ringworm, and folliculitis, which can cause cats to shed their hair. At the same time, they can make the cat itchy, scratching the skin constantly, causing more hair to be scratched off, and scratching the cat’s own Skin. For these skin diseases, it is necessary to give the cat a symptomatic treatment in time to avoid aggravating hair loss.

5. Bathing too frequently

If the owner bathes the cat too many times, or bathes the cat with human body wash, it is easy to cause the cat’s hair to fall out. Even in summer, cats can only take 2-3 baths a month, unless the cat is dirty playing outside, you can increase the number of times. In addition, it is recommended that the shower gel for cats is a special shower gel for cats, such as funny shampoo. These products are more suitable for the cat’s skin and will not harm the cat’s skin and hair. For cats’ damaged skin and hair, you can take Meow Lecithin to repair the damaged skin and supplement the nutrients needed by the hair.

Tips for solving cat hair loss

1. What should I do if the cat sheds hair? Women must choose a professional pet bath to bathe the cat. Cat hair loss sometimes does not just happen when the seasons are warmer or colder. If the way of washing the hair is not correct, it will also cause the hair to fall off, even more serious than the natural fall off. Therefore, if you don’t want cats to shed hair because of skin diseases, you must use a special pet bath to bathe them.

2. Groom the cat’s hair regularly, and don’t let the cat be in a frizzy state. We’d better buy a special soft brush for cats to comb at home, so that the naturally shed hair can be concentrated on the brush for one-time disposal, instead of letting their hair tangled and running around the house, and the hair is also It will not spread in the gaps of the furniture and in the air.

3. Regulate the cat’s mood, try to avoid the cat’s emotions being too agitated. Keeping the cat in the mood of excitement, tension or fear is also one of the factors for their hair loss, so remember to give your cat a quiet living environment.

4. Take more cats out to walk around, and get more exposure to the sun, so that the cat has a healthy body. We must know that healthy cats rarely shed hair under normal circumstances.

5. Avoid cats’ intake of salty foods. Inadequate diet and excessive intake of salt will burden the cat’s kidneys and cause the cat’s hair to dry out.

6. Supplement the cat with vitamin A. Cats often lose their hair partly because of insufficient vitamin A intake. In severe cases, the hair will fall off in whole pieces. Therefore, the owner should feed the cat some foods rich in vitamin A.

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