Why do dogs and cats fight?

The reason why dogs and cats fight

When a dog fights a cat, the dog usually messes with the cat first. And dogs have the instinct to bully smaller individuals, just as big dogs often bully puppies. Yes. That’s it. Dogs usually bully cats. But it’s different when they are about the same size. Cats with similar physical size don’t provoke dogs very much, unless they are fighting for food or protecting cubs. But his attack ability is required. Far more than similar dogs, generally give up after the dog’s nose is caught

“Cats and dogs are natural enemies” seems to have been settled, and even some fairy tales arrange cats, saying that the cat’s insidious and treacherous deception made the dog unjustified, and the seeds of hatred have since been planted. In real life, all scenes where cats and dogs meet are really not beautiful, either cats glaring at dogs or dogs barking at cats.

This hostile attitude of cats and dogs has attracted the attention of scientists. Dr. R from an Israel Institute of Zoology has specifically studied this issue.

One of the subjects selected by the doctor was a German shorthair cat and the other was a Spanish longhair dog. They were both about the same age, less than two years old, when they were active and active. They have always been with their kind since they were born and have never met each other.

Dr. R put them in the same laboratory and let them adapt to each other. It didn’t take long for the two little guys to have the meaning of making closer contact.

However, the problem also followed. The long-haired dog vigorously waved its tail and extended a paw in order to show favor-this is a dog language, which means “come and play with me” or “give me something to eat” “. But the shorthair cat is puzzled about this. On the contrary, it is very annoyed, because the actions of “wagging its tail and extending its claws” by the long-haired dog happen to be the opposite in the language of the cat, namely: ” Go away, or you’re welcome!”

The shorthair cat immediately became alert and ready for battle. After a long while, I was relieved to find that the Long-haired dog didn’t take it seriously. Perhaps to ease the atmosphere, it took the initiative to express its “kindness” to the dog-making a comfortable “snoring” sound, which means “let’s play together”. But this kind of sound is provocative in the dog’s words, meaning, “Don’t bother me, or you will be dead.” The long-haired dog could not tolerate this and immediately barked.

Dr. R subsequently used many cats and dogs to continue this experiment. The results showed that the hostile complex between cats and dogs was not born, and the old grudges between them were caused by misunderstandings in their language translations. There is no way to explain it, it can be said that “the more you talk, the more chaotic.”

In fact, there are also examples of cats and dogs living in harmony. That’s because they have lived together since they were born. They both mastered a “foreign language” and communicated without misunderstanding, so they can fully explain their disagreements. In addition, people cannot impose their will on animals. Dog owners hate cats, and cat owners don’t like dogs. This kind of human emotions will be passed on to the small animals around them, and they will also hate each other unintentionally. .

How to make dogs and cats live in peace

1. When meeting for the first time, keep a proper distance.

When your cat and dog begin to live together, it is best to tie up the dog first, keep a certain distance from the cat, and wait until they are familiar with the smell of each other before letting the dog go.

Of course, if they are all kittens and young dogs, then it would be great. Don’t need to worry about the owner, they will accompany you peacefully throughout your life.

2. Appropriate unfair measures

Don’t let the cat see that you are good to the dog, and the animal will be jealous. It thinks the dog has robbed its territory and won the favor.

Often take the dog and the cat to rub, the cat will be angry at first, it will be better after a long time, show that you like cats more, treat it well, the dog thinks that my owner feeds me, loves me, and takes good care of me, they It should be the god I admire!

Cats think that my owner feeds me, loves me, and takes good care of me. I should be the god they admire! Hope to keep pets, how can cats, dogs and other small pets live in peace.

3. Feeding skills

Cats eat at high places, dogs feed at low places

The farther away the tableware is, the better. Cats and dogs must not put their tableware together before they are fully familiar, because some little guys take the two foods they put together as their own out of the “food protection” mentality, and treat the other as their own. Intruder. Therefore, both parties must maintain their own independent restaurants.

As for the implementation date of the “restaurant merger”, we have to wait and see. Don’t regret it, some people have lived with dogs and cats for several years, and they still eat their own food. Peace is a blessing, as long as you are not hungry, everyone is fine!

4. Eat separately to taste delicious

Cats and dogs eat different things and ways. Cats eat very sparingly. You can prepare food and water for the cat for a day, and then you can go out safely. What should you do?

Cat food will also make dogs greedy. You can put the food in a higher position. You can build a springboard for the cat, as long as the dog can’t reach it.

Compared with cats, dogs are relatively less picky eaters and never tire of eating. You can only feed it regularly. Don’t prepare the food for the day at once. It may really be resolved within 10 minutes.

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