Fatigue is a phenomenon of body poisoning?

Nowadays, there are endless news of sudden deaths of young or mature people on the Internet, which makes us pay more and more attention to health problems. Why does long-term fatigue cause sudden death? Some people say that fatigue is not as simple as thinking that the body feels tired or exhausted. Fatigue is actually a poisoning phenomenon. Is it surprising to see here? How can fatigue be poisoning? Who poisoned us? Let’s learn the truth step by step.

Modern medical research has proved that the feeling of fatigue is caused by some special substances in the body. When a person exercises, the output of special substances produced by the human body will increase significantly. After the blood transports these special substances to all parts of the human body, the human body will experience fatigue similar to backaches and backaches.

Scientists once did an experiment in which a healthy dog ​​kept running, and then ran to exhaustion, the dog fell asleep when lying down. At this time, the blood of this dog was injected into the body of another dog with more energy. As a result, the injected dog also felt exhausted and fell asleep. Infuse the blood of the third energetic dog into the first exhausted dog to fall asleep, and within a short time, the first dog will be full of energy again. This experiment also proved that after excessive exercise, the fatigue substances produced by the body will be transported to the whole body with the blood.

So what kind of peculiar substance is fatigue factor? Under normal circumstances, nutrients such as glucose and fat in the body will be broken down into carbon dioxide and water after a moderate amount of exercise or work. However, if excessive exercise and work, these glucose and fat cannot be fully decomposed into carbon dioxide and water, they will generate a large amount of uric acid, lactic acid, ammonia and other substances, these are “fatigue substances”, they will cause extreme fatigue sense.

Scientists discovered after research that the oxygen free radicals in this “fatigue substance” and the long-term poisoning caused by the oxidation reaction are important causes of aging. If people are tired for a long time, they will look older than their peers. If a person works hard every day, but the body does not get the rest it deserves for a long time, it will cause the immune system to degenerate everywhere in the body. The degeneration of the immune system and the reduction of immune cells will greatly increase the probability of cancer.

After the fatigue factor enters the human cells, the vitality of the cells and the ability to remove toxins are reduced, which will affect the normal growth and death procedures of the cells, and cause the functional disorders of various organs in the human body. In other words, fatigue is a phenomenon of poisoning, and people are prone to catch a cold and get sick when they are tired because the body’s resistance is weakened.

Although fatigue can cause poisoning to make people sound nervous, it can be relieved by taking a good rest. When the human body is resting, the production of this fatigue factor in the body will be reduced, and the decomposition will be appropriately accelerated, so that the fatigue will gradually disappear.

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