Is cherry tomatoes really genetically modified products?

There are many varieties of fruits on the market now. The cherry tomatoes with bright red color, small appearance and sweet and delicious taste have been loved by many people once they were on the market. Cherry tomatoes are also called small tomatoes. Like eggplant, they belong to the Solanaceae family. It belongs to both vegetables and fruits. But many people have their own worries after seeing cherry tomatoes. They worry that cherry tomatoes use genetic technology to make the individual smaller based on the original tomato. Some people say that children who eat cherry tomatoes are not tall, and others say that cherry tomatoes are genetically modified foods that can cause cancer. There have been rumors. So is cherry tomatoes really genetically modified foods?

The tomato first appeared in South America in 500 BC, when its name was cherry tomato. From the literal meaning, the tomato was very small at that time, and it was just a beautiful plant used to admire in the garden. It was not until the 16th century that someone brought this beautiful plant back to Europe, because some people said that tomatoes are poisonous and inedible ornamental plants. It took more than a hundred years before someone risked their lives to taste this dangerous fruit.

It took almost two thousand years from the discovery of tomato until the discovery that it was edible. It was only when people discovered that tomatoes were not only non-toxic, but also sweet and sour, and very delicious. Tomatoes were taken seriously and widely grown all over the world. Due to the small size and low yield of tomatoes, they cannot meet people’s needs, so many people continue to cross-bred tomatoes in order to increase the size of tomatoes. The big tomatoes that appear on our dinner table are the tomatoes that have been cultivated artificially.

After tomatoes have grown larger, they are more often used as vegetables by us. At this time, some people think of the original cherry tomatoes. If the smaller tomatoes are grown as fruits, the benefits should be good. So the current cherry tomatoes are new varieties that are found in the original cherry tomatoes that taste better, and then this fruit is cultivated through crossbreeding. The DNA sequence analysis of this cherry tomato can also prove that it is indeed the most primitive tomato variety.

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