Are seedless fruits grown from birth control pills?

Nowadays, the types of fruits on the market are very rich, and many foreign varieties are often available on the market, and many of them have a large number of seedless fruits. The emergence of seedless fruits quickly received praise. For lazy people, it is easy to eat grapes without spitting out grape skins, but grape seeds cannot be swallowed. Well now, there are already seedless grapes, seedless watermelons, seedless tangerines, etc. on the market. The appearance of this kind of fruit has made it convenient for many lazy people and parents of children.

Although seedless fruits are more expensive than ordinary fruits, it is troublesome to pick out a lot of seeds every time you feed a child to the fruit, so seedless fruits are very popular. But there are also many rumors that it is said that seedless fruits are grown with contraceptives. Once such rumors spread, many people began to worry about health problems. So, are seedless fruits really grown with contraceptives?

The fruits we often eat are basically the fruits of angiosperms, the most advanced category in the plant world. The fruit of the plant is to better protect and spread the seeds inside. After the plant blooms, the ovary of the flower develops into the later fruit, and the ovule develops into the seed. In seeded fruits, if the ovules in the seeds are underdeveloped or underdeveloped and cannot produce enough hormones, the ovary will shrink and fall off, and they will not grow into edible fruits. There are many kinds of hormones in plants. Among them, auxin and gibberellin play a vital role in the division and growth of plant cells and the development of fruits. From the germination of plants to controlling the male and female of plants and the fruits of seeds are all produced under the influence of hormones.

Seedless fruits actually control the development of seeds during the growth of the fruit without affecting the development of the ovary. After this treatment, seedless fruits can appear, so people generally start to cultivate seedless fruits from three aspects. First, through hybridization, the seeds cannot develop normally, and at the same time, the ovary can continue to grow through some stimulation. Second, use some hormones for the fresh fruit. This hormone can inhibit the development of seeds, but at the same time can promote the development of the ovary, so as to obtain excellent seedless fruits. Third, the naturally formed fruits of some fruits have incomplete seed development or sterile seeds. Therefore, artificially help these fruits to be optimized or through grafting and other means to produce more seedless fruits.

Don’t change your color when you hear hormones. In fact, hormones are inseparable from the normal growth of plants. Hormones are also a class of organic substances produced by plants’ own metabolism. Plants, like humans, have a variety of hormones themselves, and different hormones play different roles in the process of growth, development and results. This plant hormone is harmless to the human body.

Furthermore, although birth control pills do contain hormones, the estrogen and progesterone in birth control pills can only be recognized by the body’s corresponding mechanisms. For plants, they do not know or recognize this animal hormone at all, so contraceptives cannot provide contraception for plants.

So please feel free to eat seedless fruits. They have nothing to do with birth control pills. Human contraceptives cannot be powerful enough to give plants contraception. The plant hormone content of the plant itself is generally very low, which will not cause any harm to the human body.

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