Is bamboo a tree or grass?

Many people often say that this bamboo forest is very dense, and they really think that bamboo is a kind of tree, but tall bamboo is actually a perennial herb, not a tree. What is the reason for this?

The growth of bamboo is different from other plants. Other plants grow up after germination. Try to photosynthesize as soon as possible so that you can grow up quickly. But about bamboo, if you plant a moso bamboo, you will hardly see it in the first five years. Until the plants are growing. When the rainy season arrives in the sixth year, the bamboo will grow madly, and it is normal to grow more than ten meters in a week. If you observe the bamboo for a period of time, you can even see that the bamboo grows taller a little bit.

The length of the bamboo is determined by the bamboo shoots, and the bamboo shoots have several sections. Bamboo grows taller and grows from node to node. After a certain number of years, the bamboo will no longer grow. Although bamboo can survive for more than a hundred years, cut the bamboo, you can find that the middle is hollow. The biggest difference between herbs and woody plants is whether they have annual rings. The annual rings of woody plants increase by one circle each year. Bamboo has no annual rings, so no matter how tall it grows, it is just a tall grass.

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