Looking for “universe cultural relics” is the best way to contact alien life?

Although humans live in the universe, compared to the scale of the universe, humans travel in space and communicate very slowly. Even if humans want to contact a star system 1 light-year away, the fastest signal takes 1 year. To reach it, humans may forget what they are sending at this time.

According to the scale of human movement and communication, human beings are simply not suitable for exploring space. Unable to get in touch with other life easily, this may be the rule of life in the universe.

If a certain advanced civilization in the universe has mastered the method of super-light-speed movement or super-light communication, they may have visited the solar system.

The way humans communicate in the universe is too backward:

On Earth, humans have been actively observing the universe and trying to send signals to the depths of the universe, hoping that other life will return.

However, due to the limitations of earth technology, all information cannot exceed the speed of light. It takes at least 4 years to reach the nearest star system. Moreover, the signal propagates in the universe and faces a lot of interference. After long and long-distance propagation, The signal basically will appear distortion and other phenomena.

When it comes to signal transmission, human technology has given two answers-optical signals and radio wave signals.

At present, only these two kinds of signals can carry out the stable transmission of information. Therefore, human beings mainly receive these two kinds of signals when exploring the universe. However, considering the cosmic environment, these two kinds of signals are not the best choice.

Radio wave signals are currently the most widely used, but in the universe, many celestial bodies have magnetic fields, and there is also a large amount of radiation in the universe. Although radio signals can travel long distances, information will gradually be interfered by the universe environment during the propagation process, and eventually become Meaningless noise.

At present, human beings have not received any meaningful radio signals from the universe. Various phenomena in the universe also emit radio pulse signals, such as the activities of pulsars and neutron stars, mysterious fast radio bursts, and so on.

The fast radio bursts observed by the radio telescope may be distorted information from other life, but this hypothesis still lacks conclusive evidence.

Compared with radio signals, optical signals can contain more information and content transmission is more stable. However, optical signals may be blocked by celestial bodies. When passing by nebulae or celestial bodies with thick atmospheres, the optical signals are rapidly scattered in the dust and material and cannot be stabilized. For long-distance signal transmission.

The possibility of human beings actively finding extraterrestrial life is very low, and searching for “alien cultural relics” is a new way of thinking:

Many astronomers have pointed out that according to the current human communication method, it is a high-consumption and low-yield action to transmit optical and wireless signals in the universe and receive optical and wireless signals in a large area.

The best way to find alien life is not to actively send information, but to search for “cosmic artifacts” left by alien life in the solar system, such as garbage thrown down when alien life passes by. If you are lucky, there may be in the solar system. Detectors left by other lives.

If alien probes can be used normally, then humans may be able to communicate directly with alien life.

With the advancement of human astronomical observation technology, Armstrong’s footprints on the moon can be seen clearly, and it may be a faster and more efficient way to directly search for traces of alien life.

If alien life has really come to the solar system, the Earth and Mars are undoubtedly the most attractive planets, and the most likely locations for the probe to land are the Earth, Mars, and the Moon.

Since the first time humans saw pictures of Mars and the moon, the mysterious signs on the surface of these planets have attracted the public’s attention. Perhaps the “cultural relics” left by alien life are hidden in the dust on the surface of these planets!

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