Why do cats love to grind their paws?

Why cats like to grind their claws

1. Grind claws to defend your home

Many cats think that they are the owners of this home, so defending their homes has become their obligatory responsibility. If cats often grind their claws near the door, this may mean that they think potential intruders will come in from here.

2. Grind claws to show power

Grinding claws is also to show their power and increase the smell. Cats have odor glands on their front feet, so they sharpen their claws to give their feet their own odor. If they smell their own odor, they will feel more confident and safe.

3. The smell of grinding claws occupies an area

Cats have sweat glands between their nails, which can emit their own unique taste. As animals with a strong sense of domain, they keep the taste on their own territory by grinding their claws.

4. Helps nail growth

It can be said that the cat’s claw grinding is inherited from its ancestors. Grinding the claws can accelerate the loss of old nails and help to grow new nails.

How to sharpen your cat’s claws correctly

1. Purchase a grinding claw plate

This is the most important principle. Since the nature of a cat cannot be changed, it is forbidden for the cat to scratch a place while providing another place for the cat to sharpen the claws. You can prepare a special claw grinding board for her (preferably Natural materials, such as hemp rope, wood, etc.), fix it vertically, and then train the cat to grind its claws there. If necessary, you can use some catnip to attract cats to grind their claws. Nowadays, scratchers that have been sprayed with catnip are also available on the market. Most cats like to use them. Some natural materials made of grass mats are also some of their favorites. , Such as craft straw mats, some cats will consciously grind their claws on them.

2. Trim your nails regularly

Cats sharpen their claws to sharpen their nails. Regular pruning can reduce the cat’s damage to the furniture and will not scratch people.

3. Be warned when making mistakes

Cats are very afraid of sudden “attacks”. When the cat is about to scratch the sofa, “noise” him with a water gun, and the cat will run away in fear. Using this method several times will cause the cat to form a conditioned reflex, go to the sofa to grind claws = suddenly attacked by something unknown, naturally the cat will abandon the sofa, the spray of the water gun is not harmful to the cat , Just play a warning role. But be careful not to get water into the cat’s ears.

4. Place things you don’t like

Cats don’t like the smell of lemonade, and cats also hate water with orange peel. Other smells that are not popular with cats include toilet water, wind oil essence, etc. Cats will definitely avoid these smells when they smell them when they go to grind their claws. Stick double-sided tape on all the parts of the sofa cat like to scratch. The cat doesn’t like the sticky feeling.

Have you learned how to solve the cat’s messy claw grinding? Not only is it necessary to watch it, but patiently and repeatedly try to get the best results.

Cat types like to grind claws

1. Underworld boss cat

Cats leave their own scent through scratching, indicating that this is their territory, and also sending territorial information to other cats. These familiar smells can make cats feel safe at home.

At the same time, I can tell the other cats in the family: This is my territory! If you want to stay here, prepare the protection fee first!

2. Congenital timid kittens

Cats who feel unsafe at home may have more scratching movements. The insecurity may be caused by the arrival of a new cat in the house, or a change in the home environment, such as moving house, moving furniture location, buying new furniture, etc.

3. A cat who likes a sense of accomplishment

Many cats like to hang on wallpaper, maybe because cats like to scratch the wallpaper. For cats, digging their paws into the wallpaper and watching small pieces of wallpaper fall to become their toys is a sense of accomplishment.

The thicker the wallpaper, the more significant their sense of accomplishment. Over time, grinding claws has become a habit and should be corrected appropriately.

4. Family guard cat

Cats will sharpen their claws at all times and use them as weapons to resist invading enemies. As a member of the family, cats will always regard themselves as an important member, thinking that they need to protect their family and home, so they will often scratch.

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