Can snake venom venomous snakes? Will poisonous snakes be killed by snake venom?

As we all know, the poison of poisonous snakes is very terrible. For example, the inland Taipan snake, the world’s number one venomous snake, can be described as “horrifying” its toxicity. One milligram of the inland Taipan snake venom can kill about 1,500 mice. This venom will cause the blood to coagulate when it enters the body. Like jelly, if it enters the human body, the blood of the human body will solidify within 10 minutes, which indicates that the rescue time is less than 10 minutes. There are 3425 species of snakes in the world, but only about 15% are poisonous to humans.

Snake venom can be divided into blood snake venom and nervous snake venom. From the name, we can tell that the targets of these two types of snake venom are different. One is to attack the nervous system and interrupt the signal transmission between nerves. Loss of function, resulting in obstruction of movement or muscle paralysis, leading to suffocation. The other is to attack the blood circulatory system, directly attacking organs and even cells. But no matter what type of snake venom it is, it must enter the bloodstream to be toxic. For example, if you accidentally eat a prey poisoned by venom, if there is no wound in the digestive tract, then there will be no problem. Snake venom is essentially 90%-95% protein. Some of these proteins are poisonous proteins, while others are enzymes and other non-toxic proteins. If the snake venom only enters the digestive tract, it will be broken down by the enzymes in the digestive tract and absorbed by the human body without causing toxicity. However, if there is a wound in the digestive tract, it is a different matter. So when we see the scene in the TV series, the protagonist uses his mouth to take drugs, we don’t have to worry, if he didn’t have oral ulcers at the time.

There is such an example. In the laboratory, an Egyptian beaked cobra bit itself. As a result, the wound was severely swollen. Researchers in the laboratory had to perform surgical treatment on the wound. One thing to note is that the Egyptian beaked cobra was poisoned when it bit itself. The degree of response is not as good as that of other species, which indicates that venomous snakes have a certain degree of immune resistance to their own toxicity. Some venomous snakes have evolved antibodies against their own venom during the long evolutionary process. This antibody is similar to what we use to treat snake venom. Antivenom. Although the king snake living in North America is not toxic, it is immune to the venom of the local viper. This is the result of long-term biological evolution.

Under normal circumstances, venomous snakes do not bite themselves. In some cases, venomous snakes will bite themselves due to serious illness, and then the venomous snake dies. In this case, does the venomous snake die of disease or venom? I personally think that biting oneself only speeds up the process of death, not the direct cause of death. For venomous snakes, their own venom is very precious. The venomous snake can control the amount of venom each time. Under normal circumstances, venomous snakes can only use the venom in a defensive or offensive state. If you see a venomous snake biting itself, it is very big. Maybe it didn’t use venom at all.

To sum up, will the venomous snake be killed by the poison of the venomous snake? This kind of thing can be divided into several situations. In the first situation, after a poisonous snake is bitten by another poisonous snake, will the bitten poisonous snake be poisoned to death? If the bitten venomous snake has a natural immunity to its toxicity, just as the king snake in North America is immune to the poison of the viper, it will not die. In the second case, will a poisonous snake bite itself to death? When a poisonous snake bites itself, it will not inject venom under normal circumstances, so it will not die. In the third case, will the poisoned prey be poisoned by the poisonous snake? It depends on whether the digestive tract is damaged.

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