What is the difference between Golden Retriever and Labrador?

The difference between golden retriever and labrador

1. The golden retriever is like a lady or a young master, and Lala is like a lively wild child, innocent but less rooted.

2. Golden Retriever is relatively early, and Lala is relatively late.

3. Golden Retriever walks more heroic and radiant, male handsome, female temperament. Lara is always a stupid walker, silly. But frowning innocent look is really cute.

4. The golden retriever’s self-personality is more obvious, and Lala is more obedient.

5. Golden Retriever seems to be more delicate in mind, and Lara is more careless. I often see Lala outside with white eyes and always looking for Golden Retriever to play. Golden Retriever is also happy to play, but Lara may become more and more rude and make it uncomfortable. Happy to be taken aback by the fierceness-that is the thick lines.

6. Golden Retriever is relatively lazy. After playing for half an hour, you may get tired. Lala often plays until you get tired and don’t know how to rest.

7. Golden Retriever and Lala will shed the same hair. It is just that the hair of Golden Retriever is a ball of hair curled into a roll, and the one that is pulled is scattered directly on the ground.

8. The golden retriever’s hair is very beautiful and very troublesome. It is very easy to organize. But of course there will be no flowing hair.

9. As long as there is good interaction, Golden Retriever and Lara are well trained and both smart.

Introduction to the pedigree of the Labrador Retriever

Kupros Master Mariner, a black breed dog, has the same status in the UK as AM.Ch.Marshland Blitz in the United States, and Kupros Master Mariner’s direct line of Eng.Ch.Cambremer Tom Cobbley of Charway, a black lara in the UK, is not to mention. His grandfather Mariner, in the American dog world, regards this breed more as Arnold in the United States.

1. Regardless of the United Kingdom and the United States, we can find several main blood lines: British sandlylands, Poolstead, Rochbey, Kupros, the emerging blood lines of the United States, Blitz. Arnold is the mainstream blood line in the world today, and its descendants have certain ties regardless of the combination. Rules, it is difficult to escape from these bloodlines and form a family on your own!

2. AM CH Winterwinds Glenn Plaid, ranked No. 1 in Labrador in the United States in 2003, and CH Shannon Valley’s Beauregard, ranked No. 3 in Labrador in the United States in 2002. Both dogs have strong blood ties between Kupros in the United Kingdom and Arnold in the United States. The most stable black Lala bloodline in the United Kingdom and the most stable black Lala blood line in the United States are of course two BOBs at the Westminster Dog Show in 2002 (beige) and 2003 (black).

3. A single well-known blood relationship is more difficult to create an excellent next generation. You must match your parent’s blood relationship (of course with the above-mentioned bloodlines) to create an excellent Show dog.

4. British Kupros is Charway’s mother and father (grandpa), and American Blitz is Arnold’s mother and father (grandpa). This is a very interesting situation, which also verifies that the mother and father are the most valued theory in recent 3 generations of heredity .

Imagine if Arnold’s blood is placed in the sire line and Charway’s blood is placed in the maternal line. Is the puppies expected? The theory is to verify that the smartest and responsible professional breeders should be matched with this stable blood line. Combination (of course there are still certain rules to follow). Regardless of how the offspring perform on the field? The Sandlyland kennel has been standing in the labradorian world for nearly a hundred years, and its health genetic factors are indisputable. The primary purpose of studying the pedigree is here!

Main points of raising Labrador dogs

Basically, paparazzi are raised indoors, so larger cages or fences should be prepared. Because it grows fast, the cages or fences should be larger and smaller.

Labrador basically does not need too much exercise, it is too reluctant to just walk indoors, at least to take it out every day or every other day for 12-20 minutes to walk. The Labrador Retriever is very easy to train, and it learns to follow orders the fastest. It only takes a short time to train, and what it learns is amazing, especially its sense of smell, which can train it to sniff out drugs and contraband, and has taken an important position in the military and police circles. Of course, even such a clever Labrador Retriever is useless if it cannot be trained well.

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