What are the grooming requirements for Labrador dogs?

Grooming requirements for Labrador dogs

Labrador Retriever’s grooming requirements are very simple, and the main grooming tools are natural temple brushes or retriever gloves. They can be used to comb the hair everywhere, almost no need to trim the Labrador Retriever, only some parts of the beard can be selectively trimmed.

The Labrador Retriever is a completely natural breed. It is most beautiful when its weight is moderate. All good dogs should have strong muscles and thick and shiny hair. Of course, this requires careful care of the dog owner.

This kind of dog is born with a beautiful face, and the best dress comes from its own inner beauty.

Basic knowledge of feeding Labrador dogs

① Feeding and pulling should be done regularly, quantitatively, and at a fixed location. Timing can develop a dog’s timing conditioned reflex, secrete gastric juice, increase appetite, and promote digestion and absorption. Adult dogs are generally fed twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening, and can be fed a little more at night. Lala under 1 year old is fed 3 times a day; Lala within 3 months old is fed 4 times a day; puppies under 2 months old are fed 5 times a day. Dog food patterns can be refurbished, but the quantity should be relatively stable. The feeding location can be inside or outside the kennel, but dogs are generally fed in the kennel. The purpose of a fixed location is to keep the environment relatively stable and easy to manage. Some dogs will refuse to eat and lose appetite when changing feeding places.

②Except in summer, warm feed should be fed. The temperature of feed should be around 40°C, not too cold or too hot; cold food can be fed in summer, and the feed must be heated in winter, preferably at 35°C. About C, it’s better not to burn your hands. Too hot feed will not only affect your appetite, but also scald your dog’s teeth; food that is too cold will easily damage your stomach.

③Each utensil must be fixed and not used indiscriminately. When feeding multiple dogs, pay special attention to not changing the dog food bowls to prevent the spread of diseases. Wash after feeding, and regularly boil for disinfection. The dog’s life is very regular, so it’s best to let Lala eat meals in a targeted manner.

④ When feeding, pay attention to the eating situation of Lala, if there is leftover or no food, it is necessary to find out the reason and take measures in time. The leftover feed is taken away immediately, and should not be left for a long time for the dog to eat at any time.

⑤ Take special care of puppies and sick dogs. It is best to feed the puppies 4 times a day, and add food from less to more, from inferior to excellent, and the fixed amount of food should be reduced. To sick dogs, feed more liquid food, lean meat and eggs or irritating, digestible, and nutritionally complete sick food. Sick dogs should drink more clean water.

⑥Do not let lesbians do vigorous exercise before and after feeding.

Quarantine dog: Labrador retriever

The full name of Labrador is Labrador Retriever, and there are also abbreviations in China: Labrador, Labrador, La Prado, Labrador.

The Labrador is a sturdy, medium-sized dog, with a shoulder height of 54cm-62cm and a weight of 25-35Kg. The Labrador Retriever has the following characteristics: wide head cover, clear brows, straight and short coat, dense, non-saturating, black, yellow, chocolate color, etc.

Labrador Retrievers are of medium size, docile personality, sensitive sense of smell, strong disease resistance, quick to adapt to the environment, and have a certain adaptability to changes in environmental temperature. They are widely used as police dogs, guide dogs and quarantine dogs. The American quarantine dog used to use Labrador in the past, but it was changed to Beagle in recent years. Currently, quarantine dogs in the United States are considering using Labrador Retrievers again for applications in work areas such as vehicles and warehouses.

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