Which blood type do mosquitoes prefer?

Summer is here, and it’s the mosquito-ridden season. Many people talk together about how to prevent mosquito bites. Some people will say that their blood type is easier to attract mosquitoes. If a few people are in the same room, they receive the most “red envelopes”. Do mosquitoes have special functions that can sense the difference in blood type and find out their preferred blood type in the crowd?

First, let’s take a look at why mosquitoes like to bite people. As we all know, all male mosquitoes do not suck blood and basically use flower stamens or plant juice to sustain their lives. The food of female mosquitoes is mixed. Under normal circumstances, the juice and nectar of plants are their food. When the female mosquitoes enter the mature stage, they need to suck blood to promote the maturation of egg cells, and then ovulate and reproduce offspring. Whether it is a human or an animal, it is possible for female mosquitoes to suck blood. In the consciousness of mosquitoes, they don’t know that sucking blood will bring illness and discomfort to people. They are just supplementing nutrition for the reproduction of offspring.

Mosquito bites do not need to be observed with eyes, and are generally judged by the carbon dioxide exhaled by the person, the smell of human sweat, and the distribution of heat. Mosquitoes use an organ called “mechanical stimulation receptors” on their tentacles to find a person’s specific location. There is also a special “chemosensor” on the mosquito’s tentacles to help mosquitoes determine which blood is rich in cholesterol and vitamin B, which are their favorite nutrients.

Many people are studying the problem of mosquito bites, and people have found that mosquitoes are biased in several situations. Generally speaking, people who love to sweat and have a high body temperature, people with darker skin, people with large lung capacity, and people who like to exercise or who have a scent are all preferred by mosquitoes. Of course, the exposed parts of the body will soon be shown as blood-sucking targets by them.

Although mosquitoes suck blood after biting people, the most important thing is to absorb sugary substances from the human body. The sugar content of our body has nothing to do with blood types. Therefore, many people say that their blood type is liked by mosquitoes. In fact, many people have different feelings because of their different constitutions. Some people are not prone to allergies, and sometimes they will not pick up after being bitten. Some people are naturally sensitive and feel uncomfortable after being bitten by mosquitoes. The red envelopes will not fade for a long time. The main targets of the detection and positioning of mosquitoes’ chemoreceptors are carbon dioxide, heat, and volatile chemicals. As for the blood types mentioned by everyone, no research has found that mosquitoes’ preference is related to blood type.

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