Why doesn’t Super Glue stick to its own container?

Super glue is a good helper in life. When shoes are opened or a child’s toy is broken, just take out super glue and apply it lightly. After a while, you will find that the damaged parts are glued together again.

It’s easy to say, but difficult to do. It’s easier for a handy person to repair broken things with super glue, but it’s bad for people who are not good at handwork. It often happens that fingers are stuck together with glue, or glue sticks things that shouldn’t In the first case, it is very troublesome to process the glue later.

So some people have raised the question that super glue has very strong adhesion, and only a little bit of super glue can stick to objects. Why doesn’t glue stick to the container itself? We all know that small bottles or containers of glue are made of extremely ordinary plastics. Why are they not stuck by glue?

In fact, if you carefully read the instructions of super glue, you will know that the basic ingredient of super glue is a kind of “cyanoacrylate”. “Cyanoacrylate” is an acrylic resin that can achieve instant adhesion.

The application conditions are also relatively simple, that is, this substance needs to be combined with water vapor or certain hydrogen-containing compounds. This condition is very easy to meet. Basically, the surface of the objects that need to be bonded will have water marks, or there will be a small amount of water vapor in the air.

So take out the super glue from the container, only need a thin layer to have a firm bonding effect. The adhesive force of this glue is very strong, about 6 square centimeters of adhesive can stick more than a ton of things.

It should be noted that do not apply too much super glue as it is easy to use. In this case, the super glue will be too thick to make the inside of the glue unable to contact the outside water vapor, which will make the use effect worse.

Sometimes the glue that has been used only once is clearly sealed and placed in a dark place. When it is used again, it is found that it has solidified and cannot be used. It is because air has entered the container during use.

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