Why are butterflies beneficial insects?

Are butterflies beneficial insects?

The so-called pests and beneficial insects are for humans. Those harmful to human production and life become pests, beneficial insects are beneficial insects, and others are classified as neutral insects. Butterflies’ larvae must be lepidopteran insects. If they harm our production and life in the fields, green belts or nurseries, they must be classified as pests.

But if it doesn’t affect our lives in other places, it can only be called a neutral insect. After becoming an adult, some butterflies stop feeding until they die after mating. This is also called a neutral insect, and the other part feeds on nectar, which is a beneficial insect.

In fact, there are not many types of butterflies that cause material damage to humans. For example, the rice wing butterfly and the rice eyebrow butterfly that harm rice, the cabbage butterfly that harms cruciferous vegetables (cabbage), the citrus papilio and citrus papilio that harm citrus, and the camphor tree. The camphor swallowtail butterfly, the migratory pink butterfly that harms the iron sword.

Most butterfly adults are beneficial, such as spreading pollen to plants, maintaining ecological balance, and beautifying nature. In addition, there are aphids that eat aphids, and there are other types that can be used for medicine or food.

Few butterflies will continue to harm plants after they become adults. If they affect people’s production and life, they are still pests. The answer is added, even if it hurts plants, it cannot be regarded as a pest. The difference between humans and beneficial insects is whether it harms human production and life. If the number is below a certain base, and the harmed plants are not close to human life, they can only be regarded as neutral insects.

For example, is there a difference between locusts and grasshoppers? When they are gathered together, they are called locusts, which are very harmful. Artificial breeding is beneficial insects when used as feed and food. There are no absolute beneficial insects and no absolute pests. The same goes for butterflies. Human beings are so-called, beneficial insects are beneficial to humans, and pests are harmful to humans. Therefore, it must be defined specifically or in a specific environment.

The main role of butterflies

1. The biggest role of butterflies is to participate in the complex interaction of the earth’s biosphere as a representative of the earth’s biodiversity. Contribute yourself as a member to maintain the balance of the entire ecosystem. For example, insect-pollinated plants require butterflies to pollinate to produce seeds and offspring. For example, butterflies are the prey objects of some animals and can feed those animals that feed on it.

2. In addition, according to human needs, make butterflies into specimens to sell money, decorate human spaces, and make money in museums. Wait for these uses. They are all trivial, money-oriented, low-level pursuits, ignorant, boring so-called uses. I guess someone will bring it up, so I wrote some for you first.

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