Will hedgehog mating hurt each other?

Hedgehogs usually eat earthworms, beetles, snails, mice, small snakes, and beans, and sometimes also eat fruits and other fruits. They are omnivores. They usually appear nocturnal and have four to eight births. They usually hibernate in winter.

The hedgehog is actually covered with a thorn. With this protective thorn, the hedgehog can avoid many dangers. Once the situation was found to be dangerous, the hedgehog hurriedly shrank into a ball and pressed his head and limbs close to his abdomen, so that it looked like a small prickly meat ball. Large animals looked helpless.

But the hedgehog’s thorns are basically used as shields, and rarely have the opportunity to attack the enemy. But many people are wondering how the hedgehog covered in prickles was passed on from generation to generation? Will hedgehogs get hurt when they mate?

Let me talk about the answer first. Although hedgehogs are covered with spines, they will not harm each other during mating. Because the genitalia of the female hedgehog is at the back of the body, the genitalia is exposed when the tail is lifted up during mating. Hedgehog’s belly is very soft and has no thorns, so this is where it focuses on protection. The genitals of male hedgehogs are under the abdomen, usually like a small ball.

When it’s the mating season, male hedgehogs will continue to show love to female hedgehogs. Because the male hedgehog knows that the female hedgehog must be willing to cooperate with him. If the partner is not in estrus or does not like herself, the mating cannot be completed. Female hedgehogs are also scrupulous about male hedgehogs, so one or several male hedgehogs are often seen wooing a female hedgehog. In order to get the love of his lover, the male hedgehog will patiently spend several hours around the female hedgehog. They use endless circles to express their admiration and love.

When the female hedgehog finally expresses a good impression on the other side, she will put away the thorns on her body. The thorns on the hedgehog are hollow like human hair. The thorns that are put away will not pierce people, they are flexible and stretchable. The contracted thorns of the female hedgehog are tightly attached to the skin. At this time, the male hedgehog will attach to the back of the female hedgehog to complete mating. Since the female hedgehog does not keep the thorns for too long, the male hedgehog should quickly grasp the time and complete the mating in time. After the mating is completed, both parties will walk away separately.

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