Wrist-wrestling is a terrifying extreme sport, I hope everyone knows

No matter whether it is New Year’s Day or not, when humans and humans get together, they will always arouse some strange desires for victory and defeat. For example, at a party, a drink, a fist, and a wrist break.

Then, with a crisp click…

Doctor: Boy, your arm is gone.

It can be said that everyone who is ready to break their wrists does not know what is welcoming them. The so-called fearlessness of the ignorant is probably like this. When the table is set, the two sides are sitting facing each other, with hands clasped tightly, whoever is will spontaneously develop a kind of self-confidence from the fingers and palms. There is a voice telling you: I seem to be able to win.

Although ideals are great, reality is always cruel. No one knew before “severing” that wrist-wrestling was an extreme sport.

Some time ago, the hot search “Girls team building broke their arms on the spot” shocked many people. What? ! I almost broke my hand? ? ?

In this hot search, many people contributed their own wrist-wrestling experience. In summary, it is one sentence: If you have not been broken your hand, then you are really lucky.

When I was a student, I believe that many people have the experience of breaking their wrists after class. Don’t ask, asking is breaking. But at that time, no one would have thought that breaking their wrists would affect their studies and would have to leave school and repeat grades.

Search casually, and there are many similar news cases. Fitness experts are not immune, and university students who are full of blood can’t escape.

Boys and children, no matter how good the relationship is, don’t just break it off casually.

It’s just a broken bone. If you don’t pay attention like the following, you will not only lose an arm, but your friendship will also be broken.

In a slightly anti-human sports field like wrist-wrestling, you have to surrender when you lose. Don’t be complacent if you win. In short, try not to make another round, because maybe the next second, Goddess of Luck will change her position.

No one is more knowledgeable than an orthopedic doctor about the painful lesson of breaking a wrist and breaking a hand. But sometimes, even they are not immune to this blind confidence rooted in human genes.

There is a reason for the frequent occurrence of tragedies in the matter of breaking the wrist.

If you understand the structure of the human body, you will know that this activity is not suitable for untrained people.

Most of the broken wrist is the humerus, which is related to the structure of the humerus and the way of force.

First of all, our humerus itself is very long. When it reaches the part near the elbow joint, the thickness gradually becomes thinner and the shape gradually becomes narrower.

If you have gnawed on a lamb bone, you will know that the position above the elbow joint is the weakest. This place is medically called the humeral ankle.

Because of the way of human activities and other reasons, the humeral ankle has a relatively strong ability to withstand traction. Therefore, when we carry and move things, the humeral ankle is so easy because it is subjected to the force.

But when humans break their wrists, because it is the force of twisting, the humeral ankle bears a kind of shearing force.

Regardless of whether it is the humerus or the humeral ankle, their ability to withstand shear forces is very weak. If the posture is incorrect, or the bone density is low, it is easy to twist the arm.

If you still don’t understand this, you can make up for the kind of stove candy that you eat when you celebrate the stove in the northern young year—is it hard to break when you pull it vertically, but it breaks when you twist it? The principles of the two are similar.

If there is a big gap between the strength of the two people who break the wrist, it is not easy to break the hand. On the contrary, when the opposing parties are evenly matched and stalemate, fractures are prone to occur.

Because during the stalemate, the muscles of each other have been fighting each other and they are severely squeezed. At this time, if one party breaks the stalemate and immediately exerts force, the bones may not be able to bear it.

In addition to breaking the hand easily, breaking the wrist is also prone to damage to the cartilage of the wrist and internal humeral epicondylitis.

Therefore, doctors generally advise non-professionals to avoid breaking their wrists as much as possible.

But if you still want to try breaking your wrists, there are three tips for the warriors (not to say that you won’t break your hands if you have a tip):

1. Avoid lateral force and change to oblique force. Oblique force can protect the humerus from excessive shearing force. However, this is also based on the premise that your bone density is good.

2. The posture must be correct. In the process of breaking your wrists, remember to keep your elbows close to your body, keep your body connected, and don’t lose your posture by your opponent because of your eagerness to win.

What I want to say here is that the word-of-mouth “body can’t move” rule is actually harmful. In professional competitions, the body can be moved. Otherwise, the risk of fracture is a multiple increase.

3. Exercise bone strength, and do a good job of warming up at the same time, gradually exerting strength instead of sudden strength, hello, me, hello, everyone.

However, no matter how standard your posture and skills are, it won’t work without a good skeletal foundation. Therefore, it’s best not to break your wrists when you are developing adolescents and elderly people with decreased bone density.

The behavior of humans breaking their wrists has existed since ancient times. Why do humans prefer to break their wrists so much?

If you think about it, it’s easy and convenient to break your wrist, and you don’t need any equipment. Those who win are not easy, and those who lose are also convinced.

As long as a table, the winner can be distinguished. Compared with the element of luck in guessing a boxing, and the indecent of fighting, breaking the wrist is really a zero-based entry. Everyone knows it and loves to see it. It is also a direct expression of the king of strength, and masculine charm. At the moment of highlight, it is difficult to find a more simple competitive event than it to show strength.

But, what do you think of breaking the wrist is simply to break it directly?

In fact, it is clearly a professional sport, you know, there are many famous professional wrist leagues and wrist-wrestling competitions in the world. Foreign countries have long begun to study the related skills of wrist-wrestling, and even eagerly want to send it as an Olympic event.

From the perspective of competitive events, wrist-wrestling is a very rigorous and complicated sport.

According to the rules of the game, before the game, the thumbs of both players must be tightly clasped; the elbows of both sides cannot leave the pad; the distance between the hands and the shoulders cannot be less than a fist; the shoulders of the contestants cannot exceed the center line of the table ; If the position of the hand may hurt the arm, the referee will immediately call a stop…

Angles, postures, ways of exerting force, how to quickly take advantage when shaking hands, how to use relevant techniques to create pressure on the other party, reverse disadvantages, etc., these are all on a table, under the seemingly unmoving surface, the dark tide The turbulent competitive confrontation.

Just like weightlifting, wrist-wrestling is also strictly based on age and weight level. It is not that whoever is burly can win.

In the matter of breaking the wrist, physique is not the determining factor. Many people who don’t seem to be strong, can bring down the big guys who have huge differences in physique in wrist competitions.

For example, the former world champion of wrist strength, German, once broke the arm of a bodybuilder. At that time, when Devin was participating in a charity event challenge, a big man who was not on the list came directly to challenge.

The body of the opponent made Devin exert all his strength, but he did not expect that Devon used too much force and directly smashed the arm of the strong man. After that, Devin never accepted an open cross-border challenge.

So, if you want to avoid the disaster of innocence, don’t blindly compare with others-even if you scan the other person up and down, you think it is possible to win. After all, on the issue of breaking the wrist, your judgment on the winning percentage is most likely to be a misjudgment.

From this perspective, wrist-wrestling is really an extremely fair sport. Whether you are a man, woman, or child, a muscular man or a firm man, you may have your arm broken in this sport.

However, in the wrist power circle, there are indeed heavyweight players, such as Russian player Dennis, who is 186 cm tall and weighs 146 kg. His biceps are strong and powerful, and his arm circumference reaches 58.5 cm. It has been wrist strength for a long time. Championship.

China’s Super Wrist Alliance (SAL) was established in 2012. It is currently the only national wrist sport organization in China. It has many star players, such as Wei Sicheng, Zhao Zirui and Yu Kangsheng.

Even more niche than the wrist-wrestling contest, it may be the toe-breaking contest derived from the wrist-wrestling contest.

In 1976, British bar owner George Gibbs invented a “World Breaking Toe Competition”. Apart from the difference in the body parts used in the competition, the rules of the toe breaking competition and the wrist breaking competition are not much different. Both sides are both hands. /Foot clasp, fight each other until one is overthrown.

But because the number of participants is too small, the athletic skills of breaking toes are not as large and systematic as breaking the wrists. Even the championships are produced in turns among several people within a few years. Some people have won championships for more than ten years, which is the style of painting. Inexplicably funny.

This group of people who love breaking toes, like wrist strength enthusiasts, want to send the sport to the Olympics, but depending on the scale of the competition, there is still a long way to go.

With the “knowledge from the past” of breaking the wrist and breaking the toe, the upper-class man boldly guessed that many years later, breaking the thigh may also have the opportunity to step into the door of formal sports.

To be honest, I look forward to that day. After all, compared to breaking the wrist and toes, the leg is the least likely to break.

As for breaking your wrists, weighing your own thin arms, and then looking at other people’s X-rays, I can only say one thing: extreme sports are irrelevant, goodbye.

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