Dogs can smell the smell of cancer do?

Dogs have a very sensitive sense of smell, which is recognized by everyone. Humans rely on their eyes to find objects or find things, while dogs rely on their sensitive sense of smell. Because human olfactory cells are about 5 million, but dogs have as many as 220 million olfactory cells. Dogs can distinguish more than 2 million substances that emit different concentrations of information. Therefore, whether they are in a new residence or in their own territory, dogs live on their sense of smell most of the time.

With the keen sense of smell of dogs, humans have trained many capable young assistants, such as military dogs, police dogs, search and rescue dogs, drug detection dogs and guide dogs, which greatly facilitates people’s lives. There are reports that the latest research by scientists has found that dogs can also sniff out cancer cells, which can help determine whether the human body has cancer. Does it feel great? Let’s see if the truth is true.

Let’s talk about a star dog first, this is a dog named Daisy, it has its own unique skill, that is, it can smell the presence of cancer cells. At first, Daisy’s owner didn’t know that she had breast cancer, but Daisy always sniffed her breast. The breast on her side often feels painful, and she found a lumps in her breast by hand inspection. After going to the hospital, she found that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Later, someone did systematic training on Daisy. So far, Daisy has successfully detected 550 cancer patients with an accuracy rate of 93%.

Although Daisy’s deeds are amazing, they are not alone. The news that dogs can sniff out cancer cells is frequent. A pet dog raised by a middle-aged American man likes to sniff his neck. He didn’t pay much attention at first, but then he actually felt a lump in his neck. Uneasy, he went to the hospital for an examination and found that the lump was cancer cells.

All sorts of peculiar things happened, making scientists carry out in-depth research. After their research, they found that the volatile molecules in cancer tumors enter the urine from the cancerous cells, giving the urine a special smell. The reason why dogs can find cancer cells is because the urine excreted by cancer patients contains abnormal proteins. Dogs’ olfactory cells are particularly sensitive and are better at recognizing the smell of abnormal white blood cells. But not all dogs can find cancer cells and make accurate judgments. Generally, dogs need to be systematically trained. After training, the accuracy rate of dogs in detecting cancer cells can reach 41%. Compared with traditional cancer cell detection methods, urine detection is more convenient.

Dogs use their sense of smell to find protein abnormalities in their urine, and then discover the presence of cancer cells. But the reason why dogs can find the location of cancer has not yet been scientifically proven. But since someone has studied this topic, it is very likely that dogs can help doctors in the future. In the future, dogs may have their place in the hospital to assist doctors in making more contributions.

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