Is it really going to kill a person to be angry?

Is it true that a person will die if he is angry?

Some experts found that when a person is angry, the probability of a heart attack is 4.74 times the usual, and the probability of causing a stroke is 3.62 times the usual.

In a state of anger, the endocrine system will release a large amount of adrenaline and norepinephrine. At this time, the body’s heartbeat will accelerate, and the myocardial contraction rate will increase, so the burden on the heart is increased. At the same time, blood pressure rises due to excitement, blood lipid levels in the body rise and platelets are activated, which will induce the formation of thrombus, leading to myocardial infarction. Excessively excited sympathetic nerves can cause a sudden heart attack or arrhythmia, resulting in sudden death.

Also, people who are often angry are prone to liver damage. Many people say that the liver hurts when they are angry, because the liver is bigger than usual when angry. People often say that the lungs are blown up with air because they are emotional when they are angry, and the rapid breathing causes the alveoli to expand continuously, and the lungs that cannot be rested can also have problems. For women, anger is prone to breast problems, and so on.

Impulse is the devil, anger is the poison, these are the big truths in life. So people must learn to excuse themselves and learn to control anger when encountering things. For your own health, please manage your emotions.

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