You blame your ears for motion sickness, do you believe it?

There are many travel tools for modern people, such as trains, cars, high-speed rail, airplanes, and so on. Many people choose to travel with relatives or friends on holidays. At this time, there is a problem that makes many people feel entangled: motion sickness! Many people have experienced the discomfort of motion sickness, headache, nausea, unstable standing, and vomiting in severe cases. People have no strength after motion sickness, and it takes a long time to relieve the uncomfortable feeling. But did you know that motion sickness is not caused by the eyes or stomach, but by the ears. Why is this so? Let’s take a look together.

The vestibular system in the ear is responsible for the balance of the human body, and its main function is to detect gravity. When the human body accelerates or decelerates, the body position changes, and the vestibule adjusts the tilt position of the brain to maintain the balance of the body. The three semicircular canals in the inner ear are filled with villi connected to nerve cells. When the stimuli from the outside world are received by the nerve cells, humans respond accordingly.

Usually the vestibular organs are in a stable state. When we take a car or a boat, we always stop and start due to the bumps on the ground or water, especially when traffic jams, which will cause a lot of irregular movements. The vestibule becomes unstable when the human body suddenly leans forward or backward, or when the human body is turned upside down. At this time, the eyes and ears are sending different commands to the brain. For example, the ear will tell the brain that I am in a car or a boat, and I am walking forward. The eyes will tell the brain that the body is on the seat, the car and the boat are moving, and I am not moving. At this time, the brain feels something is wrong, and it will issue a warning, making people feel dizzy and uncomfortable. When different organs of the body are sending uncomfortable feelings to the brain, out of the original response to protect the body, the brain will give instructions to the stomach, and vomiting occurs.

In ordinary life, many people will vomit due to hearing or seeing disgusting or frightening things. This is the natural original response of the human body, uncomfortable feeling, the brain will think it is poisoning, and the instructions of the brain stimulate the gastric mucosa, so Vomiting occurred.

Of course, some people say that I am prone to motion sickness when riding in a car, but I do not get motion sickness when driving. This is because people’s nervous system is tense when driving, and their attention is particularly concentrated. The vestibular nervous system is also a very complex neural connection reflex system. At this time, the system will adjust its own sensitivity. The excitement of the brain will inhibit the vestibular nerve, so motion sickness will not occur.

People with motion sickness are not due to poor physical fitness, but the lack of adjustment of the vestibular nervous system. There are ways to relieve motion sickness. For example, keep your brain in a state of excitement, listen to music to distract yourself, look at the outside scenery more, or squint to sleep, subconsciously don’t feel that you will be uncomfortable, give yourself more positive hints, and don’t take a car Eating too much or too greasy. These can alleviate the symptoms of motion sickness. Do more exercises to exercise the adaptability of the vestibular organs, such as swinging, parallel bars, or turning in circles. After exercise, it can reduce the symptoms of motion sickness or reduce the occurrence of motion sickness when riding in a car or a boat.

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