It was abnormal before the earthquake! What’s going on, creatures really have the ability to “predict earthquakes”?

“The large-scale fish in the pool is jumping”, “the pigs in the pigpen are jumping out”, “chickens and ducks are running and wandering everywhere”, “dogs barking constantly”, “birds on the trees, insect species flying everywhere”, etc. They are all phenomena that many people may have seen before the earthquake, and there are indeed many such “coincidence” events. After the earthquake does come, no matter whether it is big or small, there will always be an earthquake, so Many people say whether “animals”, “insects” and other biological groups really have the ability to “earthquake prediction” is a warning to humans.

Regarding the issue of earthquakes, we must first know the principle of earthquakes before we can say whether animals really have the ability to “predict earthquakes”, and then we can judge whether earthquakes can really give people a warning.


Earthquakes are on a global scale, and earthquakes of different sizes occur every day, and the number of earthquakes that occur every day basically reaches tens of thousands. Of course, these earthquakes are large or small, depending on the activity of the earthquake. In this way, we will talk about the principle of the problem. The occurrence of an earthquake is a normal natural phenomenon, and its occurrence is mainly caused by the movement of the plate.

When the various plates on the earth are constantly squeezed and collided, due to the unstable state of the plate boundaries, it will cause fractures, dislocations, etc., which will trigger the occurrence of earthquakes, which is equivalent to the “release of energy” of the earth’s plates. In the process, the greater the intensity of the earthquake, the greater the destructiveness, as everyone knows. In addition to earthquakes caused by plate movement, earthquakes include artificial earthquakes, collapse earthquakes, induced earthquakes, etc. The intensity of these types of earthquakes is generally much weaker than that of earthquakes caused by plate movement.

Therefore, this part of the earthquake has relatively little impact on people, while in urban construction, artificial earthquakes are slightly more common. For example: industrial blasting, etc., it is easy to cause such an earthquake. Of course, the “predicted earthquakes” mentioned by everyone are biological. These earthquakes such as artificial earthquakes are impossible, and they are mainly reflected in natural earthquakes.

Do insects really have the ability to “predict earthquakes”?

Judging from the occurrence of earthquakes, earthquakes are mainly caused by plate movement, so it has nothing to do with insects, other animals, etc., and there is no “predicting earthquake” ability. If living things have a way to “predict earthquakes.” , That would really completely hit the face of global scientists. The current level of science and technology cannot predict the arrival of earthquakes, and earthquakes cannot be predicted for a long period of time in the future. In recent years, seismic scientists or experts have conducted research on living things.

It also proved that earthquakes have nothing to do with changes in biological activities. The so-called successful predictions of earthquakes are basically coincidental. For earthquakes, what we should do more is to improve the earthquake resistance level of buildings and do a good job of defense instead of predicting earthquakes. So everyone thinks too much. What insects have the ability to “predict earthquakes” are completely “pseudo-science”. Don’t believe them. That’s it. Believe in science, it is impossible to do it on a global scale nowadays.

Then why are there biological anomalies before every earthquake, and why?

Indeed, this is also a question for everyone. If you don’t give evidence to prove it, it will definitely not work. And many people have also encountered such a situation, saying that biological anomalies have nothing to do with earthquakes, so why are there abnormalities? In fact, it can be explained now that everyone should know the “earthquake warning”. Earthquake early warning means that after an earthquake occurs, before the seismic waves propagate to the fortified area, an alarm is issued to the fortified area a few to tens of seconds in advance to reduce local losses.

Earthquake early warning is also an early warning before humans do not know the earthquake, so it is often mistaken for “earthquake prediction”. In fact, this is not, it is also based on the earthquake, but now human technology can make Everyone knows in advance that an earthquake is coming, so earthquake early warning does not mean earthquake prediction. It is based on seismic waves to provide early warning. For many organisms, seismic waves are indeed invisible, but the sensitivity of many organisms is higher than that of humans.

If you see some abnormalities in the organisms in the first few seconds of the earthquake, this is actually not surprising, because they may have sensed the seismic wave signals that humans can’t sense, so this formed what everyone said before the earthquake, the organisms had abnormalities. Case. Of course, there are also some coincidences. For example, biological sensitivity and abnormal performance may be caused by something around or nearby, which has nothing to do with seismic waves.

This is definitely different under different circumstances, so there is no direct relationship between living things and earthquakes, and research has also shown it. So in the future, when everyone sees biological anomalies, first consider whether the surrounding activities have caused the phenomenon. Don’t think about earthquakes. It really matters. It is really “dark and dark.”

in conclusion?

Earthquakes appearing on the earth are a natural phenomenon of earth activity. It has nothing to do with insects, other animals, and biological groups. Nowadays, earthquake predictions cannot be made in science. At most, earthquake warnings are used to reduce the impact of earthquakes on humans.

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